Portland’s Food Culture: Breweries, Food Trucks, and More

April 3, 2019
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Photo by Zack Spear on Unsplash
Photo by Zack Spear on Unsplash

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Portland, Oregon offers so much—it’s home to Forest Park, the Trail Blazers, and of course, fabulous food. We explain Portland’s food culture, examining the numerous types of foods the city offers, its brewery scene, and its love for food trucks.

Why Is Portland Famous for Its Food?

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Out of all 50 states’ cities, Portland has always been a rebellious child; it marches to the tune of its own drum. That’s why it really established itself as a food capital, and locals and tourists really can’t complain. Amazing food is always within reach—sure, you can drive to a restaurant if you really want, but you can also bike or walk to a nearby food truck that’s just as fabulous. Numerous sources, including Wallet Hub, have named Portland the best Foodie City in America.

Truly, what makes Portland different is the unexpected variety of food. Thanks to its location, Portland has the accessibility to fresh ingredients that its chefs can use for experimentation. From breakfast sandwiches and donuts to seafood and vegan dishes, there isn’t a single dining trend that this city can’t pull off.

What About the Breweries and The Craft Beer Movement?

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If you’ve heard a lot about Portland’s food culture, you’ve probably also heard about its breweries and its love of beer in general. Plus, what’s good food without an even better beer?

For a long time, Portland wasn’t known as a national beer hub, but the craft beer movement in the early 80s changed this. Now, there are dozens of craft breweries within the city. In fact, there are more in Portland than in any other city on the planet.

Every weekend, you’re certain to bump into a beer-related event or festival. Portland started the hype around IPAs with award-winning brews that have heavily influenced the rest of the market. People now reference the city as “Beervana,” and the scene only continues to grow every year.

The Rise of Food Carts

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No doubt, Portland is famous for its food carts. In fact, this city practically invented street food; it started the craze in the first place. There are even parking lots or “pods” reserved specifically for food carts.

The food cart revolution has allowed people to taste the world, and today, millions of people visit food carts due to their endless options. For example, trucks will serve authentic Oaxacan, Thai, and Vietnamese food—and that’s not even a fraction of the global cuisine that Portland offers. It doesn’t matter the type of grub you’re craving—there’s a food truck that can hook you up with something delicious. Established restaurants are even transitioning to food trucks, as they’ve changed the way people order and eat food.

As you can see, when it comes to unique culinary experiences, Portland is truly a force to be reckoned with. If you live for diverse food and drink options, buy your plane ticket to Portland, OR, right now. We have to warn you, though—it’s hard to narrow down the breweries and restaurants you’re able to visit in one trip!

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