Organic Food Innovators: Spotlight on New York’s Green Gastronomy Scene

January 30, 2024
2 mins read

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Organic food is increasingly being embraced on a global scale with the United States being at the forefront of this movement. Not surprisingly, New York, a city known for its cultural diversity, economic prowess and cutting-edge trends, is home to a myriad of innovative organic food companies. These companies span a diverse range of industries from e-commerce to biotechnology, with a shared commitment to promoting healthier food choices. In this article, we take a closer look at some of these entities making New York a key player in the organic food industry.

Despite the global pandemic and increased competition in the e-commerce space, these companies have continued to adapt and thrive. Whether it’s a subscription-based food delivery service or a company brewing alternative proteins using microbiology, these extraordinary businesses are showing that it’s not just possible, but beneficial, to create sustainable, organic food products that benefit both the consumer and the planet.

With a concentrated effort towards health and wellness, these New York-based companies are revolutionizing the way we approach food and nutrition. They are setting new standards in the organic industry, proving that it’s possible to mesh technology and nature to create environmentally-friendly and health-conscious products and services.

Daily Harvest

Started by Rachel Drori, Daily Harvest provides subscription-based food delivery services offering healthy frozen foods. Co-creating food with its customers, Daily Harvest utilizes a blend of data science and a future-focused supply chain to deliver food and beverages developed by nutritionists, ranging from smoothies to breakfast options. Find them on @dlyharvest twitter or Facebook and on LinkedIn.

Little Spoon

Co-founded by Angela Vranich, Ben Lewis, Lisa Barnett, and Michelle Muller, Little Spoon designs high-quality products for a child’s most formative years, starting with baby’s first bites. Connect with them on @littlespoon Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Big Idea Ventures

Headed by Andrew D. Ive, Big Idea Ventures is the world’s most active investor in FoodTech investing in food technology and agritech companies globally. They have invested in over 100 companies across 22 countries. You can check them out on @bigideaventures Twitter, Facebook or on LinkedIn.

C16 Biosciences

Founded by David Heller, Harry McNamara, and Shara Ticku, C16 Biosciences is a biotechnology firm that creates a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to conflict palm oil using microbiology. Connect with them on @c16bio Twitter and on LinkedIn.


Ricardo Vice Santos and Tomás Froes are the minds behind kencko, a company dedicated to turning organic fruits and vegetables into convenient products while preserving their nutrient content. Connect with them on @kenckofoods Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Dwight Funding

Started by Ben Brachot, Dwight Funding is a leader in providing working capital solutions and lines of credit to early and growth stage businesses. They specialize in funding for E-commerce, Food and Beverage, and general CPG companies. Connect with them on @dwightfunding Twitter and on LinkedIn.

The Nue Co.

Founded by Charlie Gower and Juliana Miller, The Nue Co. creates supplements based on Danish principles of minimalism and creativity, using organic foods providing specific vitamins or minerals. Connect with them on @thenue_co Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Cure Hydration

Founded by Alex Sarkissian and Lauren Picasso, Cure Hydration offers all-natural, science-backed functional beverages. Their hydration mix is based on a formula developed by the World Health Organization, offering top-notch rehydration. Connect with them on @curehydration Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

RISE Brewing Co.

Founded by Grant Gyesky, Hudson Gaines-Ross, Jarrett McGovern, and Justin Weinstein, RISE Brewing Co. creates nitro cold-brew coffee. They offer a unique brewing process that results in a light, refreshing beverage akin to stout beer meeting iced coffee. Connect with them on @risebrewingco Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Tiny Organics

Co-founded by Betsy Fore and Sofia Laurell, Tiny Organics creates 100% organic meals for babies and toddlers. With no added sugar or salt, Tiny’s meals are carefully crafted to suit the developmental milestones of babies and toddlers. Connect with them on @Tiny_Organics Twitter, Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Hilma was founded by Hilary Quartner, Lily Galef, and Nina Mullen. Hilma creates natural remedies to support health. With a belief in the synergy of science and nature, they formulate their products with a board of practicing clinicians. Connect with them on @hilma_co Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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