How to Manage Your Restaurant During COVID-19

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2020 has been a detrimental year for many. As of March, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, infecting hundreds of thousands of people. No one knows when it will end, but the effects of the virus are catastrophic. Aside from those stricken with the virus, numerous businesses have had to close, and millions of people are cooped up in their homes—the lucky ones working from home, the not-so-lucky losing their jobs. Still, not all businesses have had to close. While the restaurant industry took a heavy toll, some have managed to stay open and see continual business. For anyone looking to know how to keep their restaurant from permanently closing its doors, read these tips on how to manage your restaurant during COVID-19. While no one knows when businesses can open fully again, these tips will help any restauranteur deal with the current situation.

Inform Staff and Customers

One of the first steps to take to deal with the global pandemic is to inform your staff and customers of the situation. While it’s likely they already have a sense of the seriousness given the circumstances, it’s crucial you establish expectations and boundaries with your staff regarding how you want to manage your restaurant. Even though most businesses shut their doors due to state lockdowns, many have remained open but with different business approaches. These include offering only delivery and take-out, reducing operating hours, or even reducing staff to stay afloat. No matter what, prepare for the situation at hand and treat it responsibly.

Follow Your Local Guidelines

It’s vital that you follow your state and local guidelines given the situation. While some states have left it up to businesses to decide whether they wish to remain open, others have initiated state-wide shutdowns where restaurants can operate only through take-out or delivery. Although it’s not ideal, restaurant owners have no choice but to follow the state ordinances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Focus on Take-Out and Delivery Options

Given that, to stay in business you must optimize take-out and delivery methods even if you haven’t before. This way you can remain open and still see business. There are many ways you can optimize your takeout sales. These include online ordering software, convenience, portability, and using social media to reach out to customers. While you do everything in your power to keep your restaurant open, reach out to your customers to let them know your plans during these confusing times.

Don’t Panic

Above all, do not panic. Remember, these are troubling times for everyone. While this situation surprised you with the rapid change in business, know that you’re not alone. Everyone is dealing with this in some way or another. Rather than giving up or shutting your doors, follow these tips to help you stay open and make for an easier recovery once this is over.

Written by Richard Agama


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