How To Juice a Lemon With a Standard Juicer

April 13, 2021
2 mins read
How To Juice a Lemon With a Standard Juicer

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Most people can tell the difference between fresh and bottled lemon juice right away. Bottled lemon juice oxidizes and has preservatives that give it a bitter or muted flavor. Fresh lemons last two weeks in the fridge and serve multiple purposes. Find out how to juice a lemon with a standard juicer so that you can enjoy the benefits of fresh lemon juice.

Prep Your Lemon

To get the most juice from your lemons, allow them to come to room temperature before using them. If they are chilled, allow them to sit out for 30 minutes, or you can microwave lemons for 15 seconds if you are in a hurry. Next, massage the lemons by rolling them back and forth on a flat surface. This helps break down the juice capsules inside to yield more liquid when you cut into the fruit. The final step in preparing your lemon is to cut it in half or possibly quarters depending on the size of your juicer.

Juice Your Lemon

Figuring out how to juice a lemon with a standard juicer may seem logical, but you will want to follow specific steps to ensure you get the most juice out of your lemon. Begin juicing your lemons by:

  • Cutting them in halves or quarters
  • Peeling the citrus for a sweeter juice
  • Placing the cut sides down in the slot on the juicer
  • Turning on the juicer and firmly pressing down on the lever or handle
  • Leaving the machine running until the last drops of lemon juice fall into the container below your spout

Uses for Lemon Juice

You might not think about lemons until you want a nice cold glass of lemonade, but lemon juice has more uses than being a thirst quencher. Restaurants, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, and other businesses and facilities use lemons in everything from cooking to cleaning.

Clean With Lemon Juice

Whether at home or in a commercial setting, cleaning with lemons proves to be more efficient than store-bought cleaners every time. Lemons bleach away stains from wine, lipstick, and paint due to their high amount of acid. You can also use a lemon to remove buildup from sinks and tubs; however, remember that lemons are not disinfectants. Though cleansing, lemons will not wash your juice machine, so you will need to know how to keep your juicer clean.

Pro Tip: Run a lemon that you’ve already used through the garbage disposal to freshen up your drains!

Cook With Lemon Juice

Cook with lemon juice to add flavor to your dishes. Add lemon juice toward the end of cooking; otherwise, the flavor may become bitter rather than tart. Lemon is excellent in homemade recipes and dishes such as:

  • Salad dressing
  • Soups
  • Pasta sauce
  • Meats—especially fish and chicken

Bake With Lemon Juice

Baking with lemons goes much further than lemon bars. You can add lemon juice to many different desserts—elevate cheesecakes, pound cakes, shortbreads, and more with a touch of fresh lemon.

Lemon is a timeless fruit that has multiple uses year-round. Stretch out the benefits of lemons when you turn them into lemon juice.

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