How To Decorate Your Outdoor Dining Area

October 18, 2021
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How To Decorate Your Outdoor Dining Area

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There is something unexplainably appealing about eating outside. It feels almost primal. You can enjoy your meal while feeling more connected to nature. If you want to enjoy some home cooking under the stars, explore how to decorate your outdoor dining area to create a stunning backyard space.

Choosing the Furniture

Obviously, the most integral parts of any dining room, inside or outside, are the table and chairs. The furniture you choose will be the centerpiece that you’ll design the space around, so you should buy those pieces before doing anything else. That way, you know the required dimensions of the area and the color scheme you are working with.

When buying your outdoor furniture, make sure to check the materials. The type of table that will last in a hot, humid place like Florida might be different than what will survive in a cold city like Chicago.


If you put the table straight on the lawn, the grass will die, and your lawn will look worse for it. So if you don’t already have a deck, you’ll need to make space for the dining area. You can create a porch, lay a concrete slab, or just spread gravel for an easy fix. The type of floor you opt for will most likely depend on your budget.

Outdoor Rugs

Just like in a dining room, an outdoor rug pulls the table and chairs together, making it visually work as one piece. When choosing an outdoor area rug, you first need to consider what size you’ll need. It should extend two feet out from the edges of the table on every side. From there, simply pick out the suitable material and design for you. Also, don’t forget about safety and put a rug pad under that carpet. 


Since you’ll often use your outdoor dining table at night, you’ll need a way to light the area. The most popular choice recently has been overhead string lights. They give a backyard a dreamlike aesthetic, but they can also be hard to hang if you don’t have trees. Another popular choice is solar lanterns that you’ll never need to plug in or maintain. However, if you want an old-school glimmer to your meal, you can use candles or tiki torches.

Now that you understand how to decorate your outdoor dining area, you can build a practical and beautiful space.

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