Healthy Types of Seafoods You Should Try

July 13, 2021
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Healthy Types of Seafoods You Should Try

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There are many foods in the world; sadly, many of them are unhealthy. However, one kind of food that’s usually healthy is seafood. The lean meat offers a lot of healthy calories as well as vitamins. Here are some healthy types of seafoods you should try.

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One of the most popular fish dishes is salmon. Many people prefer Alaskan salmon, as it offers a lot of health benefits and a variety of recipes. You can even choose between farmed salmon or wild salmon; the latter seems to have more vitamins.


Cod is another fish you frequently see in fancy restaurants and amazing dishes. The meat is very easy to prepare and contains a great number of nutrients without a lot of fat. It can even improve your heart’s health.


Many people have mixed relationships with sardines, as people traditionally see them as “weird.” However, these tiny fish are cheap and extremely high in vitamin D. They’re plentiful and they reproduce quickly, making them great sources of good seafood.

Stone Crab

Crab meat is one of the rarer meats to see on a list of healthy seafood options. However, crab legs contain very little fat. They even lack the toxins that many people worry about in other seafoods. Plus, stone crabs are renewable resources, as you can harvest the meat without killing the crab by letting it regrow its leg so that it can live on after harvesting. The only small problem is getting stone crab when you have a craving in the off season, but thankfully, there are still ways to get stone crab even when it’s out of season.

Now, there are other seafoods worth trying that are good as well; these are just a few healthy types of seafoods you should try. Who knows; you might add them into your regular meals if you like them enough.

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