Exploring Auckland’s Top Food Processing Firms: An Additional Journey

January 30, 2024
1 min read

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Welcome to another edition of our series highlighting companies operating in the Food Processing industry in Auckland, New Zealand. These companies, ranging from small start-ups to established enterprises, showcase the diverse, innovative and thriving food industry in our region. What follows is a closer look at each of these companies, their founders, and some of what they bring to the table in terms of their products and services.

The Food Processing industry is a crucial component of Auckland’s vibrant and dynamic economy. From inventive meat alternatives to drinks aiding in jetlag recovery, to companies providing a slew of services focused on enhancing the value and productivity of various food-related industries, these businesses demonstrate the endlessly creative spirit of Auckland’s food scene.

So, without further ado, let us dive into our list of local businesses that are making significant contributions to the food industry in New Zealand and, indeed, the world.

Sunfed Meats

Founded by Shama Sukul Lee, Sunfed Meats produces food items from premium yellow pea protein that taste and feel just like animal meat. Healthier for both individuals and the planet, their products are an innovation in the Food Processing Industry. You can keep up
with them on @sunfedmeats, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Stolen Rum

Started by Jamie Duff, Stolen Rum is an independent and innovative rum company dedicated to producing innovative, world class rums presented with a strong design-led aesthetic. Join their journey on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


The provider of a unique drink formulated to aid in recovery from hangovers and jetlag. You can follow their journey on @fly1above, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Plant & Food Research

A versatile company looking to enhance productivity in the food industry through research. Follow them on @plantandfood, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tasti Products Ltd

Check out their array of offerings on @TastiNZ, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tegel Foods

Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Compass Group NZ

Follow their business progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.

IBEX Industries

Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Leader Products

Find out more about their offerings on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Guardian Bandsaws

Track their latest updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

New Zealand Green Health

Follow their holistic journey to health on @nzgreenhealth, Facebook.


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