Essential Supplies for Starting Up a Café

June 25, 2021
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Essential Supplies for Starting Up a Café

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A quality cup of coffee is one thing that never fails to be in demand. The coffee industry has shifted from being a hot commodity to one of the most in-demand and high-volume goods sold throughout the years. Furthermore, we as a people have changed our tastes. There was a time not so long ago when a pot of boiling water was the most common method of coffee brewing.

Today, our tastes wouldn’t stand for such an insult to our favorite beverage! Coffee shops and cafés worldwide fill the essential need for a convenient place to obtain a good cup of joe while on the go. To better provide your customers satisfaction, you must have the right equipment. Forget about using the boiling method and read on to learn the essential supplies for starting up a café.

The Real Basics

Obviously, your café needs some quality coffee-making equipment to start with. That begins with a roaster to prepare the freshest beans possible. Next, you’ll need at least one commercial-grade coffee pot. The difference between these and your household variety is evident in their size and precision of control. 

A commercial-grade grinder is also essential. These devices cover a wide range of ground fineness, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect coarseness of coffee for the type of cup you’re brewing. A commercial machine must be regularly fine-tuned to ensure that it’s making the best end coffee possible. Besides this, an espresso machine and a cappuccino machine will help you expand your menu and garner more interest.

Specific Packaging Supplies

Like many businesses, the essential supplies for starting a café include containers in which to serve the final product. What you need for packaging is primarily a reflection of your business’s menu. Many shops supplement their income by offering pre-packaged roasts and coffee products. Besides this, adding a breakfast or lunch menu is a great way to bump up sales. Lastly, impulse options such as cookies, cakes, and chocolate coffee beans are the perfect way to catch customer’s eyes at any point of the transaction. For items out of the case, tin-tie bags are a great solution that offers many advantages to your small business—the least of which is their low price!

Sanitization Equipment

Although they’re rarely as complex as a full-scale restaurant, employees in cafés still interact with food. As such, there will be strict health regulations surrounding cleaning and caring for items that interact with customers’ orders. The basics will include the correct type of sinks, dishwashing solutions, and everyday surface sanitizers. Besides this, you may also want to investigate aesthetic cleaners, such as glass cleaners for the windows and scale-remover in areas with hard water.

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