Essential Appliances Every Outdoor Kitchen Needs

January 27, 2023
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Essential Appliances Every Outdoor Kitchen Needs

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If you’re looking forward to upgrading your backyard space this spring, you might want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor amenities like this create a fun space for entertainment and add value to your home. Learn which appliances are essential to creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Outdoor Grill

The outdoor grill is a staple of any backyard space. Installing a grill is the perfect way to start building your outdoor kitchen. Gas grills provide efficiency and set you up for other gas-powered appliances such as ovens or stoves. However, you could also go the more traditional route and choose a charcoal grill if you’re familiar with this cooking style. If you’re interested in exploring new flavors, consider adding a meat smoker to your outdoor kitchen or a smoking attachment to your grill.

Pizza Oven

Many pizza oven models are built for outdoor cooking. You might be thinking that these appliances don’t offer a lot of variety, but there is a whole list of foods to cook in a pizza oven beyond pizza. With an outdoor oven, you can cook everything from full meals to simple desserts. And if you’re a pizza fan, you can’t miss the experience of tasting a fresh-baked pizza. These dishes are fun for the whole family to make with the help of an outdoor oven.

Mini Fridge

Your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a space to store your ingredients and drinks. Place a compact fridge underneath your bar or countertop to keep small items cool. While you won’t be able to fit a four-course meal in a mini fridge, you can keep your cuts of meat cool before you put them on the grill or in the smoker. You could also outfit your outdoor kitchen with a wine and drink cooler. These appliances help you avoid making trips indoors just to retrieve items from the refrigerator.

Sink Access

If you have the countertop space for it on your patio, consider adding a sink to your outdoor kitchen. Having running water near cooking appliances such as your grill and oven makes outdoor cooking and cleanup much more efficient. You’ll be able to clean dishes, wash vegetables before they go on the grill, and more.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen, start by considering the appliances you want to include. These essential outdoor kitchen appliances can take your patio from a disjointed entertainment space to the perfect hosting destination.

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