Drink Review: Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

November 20, 2020
2 mins read

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Unicorn Tears is made by adding sugar to London Dry gin, enabling it be called a liqueur. Rich in juniper notes with a citrus backbone and notes of oranges, herbs and spices, each bottle contains edible silver flakes. This can be used to replace old tom gin in cocktails or will make a sweeter style of G&T.

Unicorn Tears Gin Review:


Unicorn Taste:
Unicorn Tears Gin is light and citrusy. It has a sweet, almost candied taste with citrus notes. The tiniest hint of juniper can be tasted, a lovely surprise and something I’ve not experienced with a gin or liqueur before.

Drinks Possibilities:
I have tried Unicorn Tears in a couple of ways and enjoyed them both times, which is great as it is difficult to find a liqueur cocktail that I don’t like. I have a new recipe to add to my repertoire, the Unicorn Tears Gin & Grapefruit.

Unicorn Tears Gin Review 1:

Does it have a different taste to the regular Gin & Tonic or G&T?

Yes, a subtle sweetness that isn’t for everyone, although I would recommend giving it a try.

I have tried this in other cocktails, such as a Root Beer Float, but really enjoyed the Gold Cup Milk Punch with it.

I think this liqueur would be perfect in a Shirley Temple, but my latest experiment was a Lime Rickey as neither of us normally drink Rickeys. We really enjoyed it. As more sweeteners become available and less of a demand for sugar, I would be interested to try these other cocktails.

Would you buy this again or recommend it to a friend?

Yes, I enjoyed the original Gin & Tonic as well as the Gin & Tonic, but I would recommend this one as well.

Unicorn Tears Gin Review 2:

Lovely gin liqueur, light and citrusy with a subtle sweetness.


Although I’d still prefer to have a glass of juniper gin over a bottle of Gin & Tonic, I wouldn’t say the same for a G&T. I’d be prepared to try Unicorn Tears Gin every so often as it really does have a lovely taste. If the Rickey and Milk Punch are anything to go by, Unicorn Tears Gin would adapt well to a chiller drink.

Drinks Review Staff Rating: 3.5/5

Would you recommend this drink to a friend or colleague? Yes

Unicorn Tears Gin Review – Unicorn Tears Gin is a liqueur that is a gin verite. It inherits the rich and warm tones of juniper berry, combined with notes of citrus and with a fuller, more elegant body than regular gin. The result is a rich liqueur that is a great gin cocktail alternative, though still packs a juniper punch. With the addition of edible silver flakes in each bottle, it is also possible to make a Gin & Tonic or a Gin & Tonic with Lemon. The liqueur, flavoured with a mix of juniper, coriander, and rosemary, comes in a green bottle from the House of Glasgow featuring Yorkshire’s Unicorn, and can be served on its own, or as an addition to a cocktail. Drinks Review Rating Score: 4/5 Unicorn Tears Gin Review is a drink that flows throughout the mouth, with a sense of freshness and light sweetness. The aroma is reminiscent of a number of other drinks, some of which are rather more fragrant than this, but combined with the juniper and golden-bright citrus notes the result is something of a heady experience, which is not always to everyone’s taste.

Unicorn Tears Gin Review 3:

Unicorn Tears Gin Review – Though not being a gin drinker I found myself intrigued by the liqueur. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but after taste testing some of the suggested recipes for Gin & Tonic and Gin & Tonic with Lemon, I found that the liqueur made both of these drinks rather pleasant. There was definitely a different flavour to the original and the lemon was far more tangy. I would recommend a try to anyone who is a bit hesitant when it comes to Gin & Tonics. Unanimous opinions were that the Gin & Tonic (with Lemon) was the best from the two recipes. I am looking forward to trying Gin & Tonic recipes with the liqueur.

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