Drink Review : Stolichnaya Red Vodka

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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The original export-market red-label Stolichnaya – a smooth, velvety classic, quadruple-distilled, blended with icy glacial water and carefully charcoal filtered three times.

Stoli Vodka Review:


Any Stoli Vodka drink review should start with the basics. It’s made from grain, and then distilled twice, to create a clear spirit with no colour, only character. This herbal and slightly salty velvety quality is unusual and special and comes across in every Stoli Vodka drink review and we’ve had a lot of it.

It should be noted that Stoli has recently changed its recipe slightly and is now distilled three times, instead of the normal two, making it a New Stoli, which is a bit like a shaken rocket engine. Up to now it’s one of our favourite drinks in this review and it’s still a nice Stoli – just different.

The taste of Stoli Vodka is slightly funky, slightly salty, with a trace of charcoal and a real flavour of herbal tonic water, like an old man’s breath amalgamated with a drop of toothpaste. It’s slightly geek, rather old-fashioned, but not at all bad and the most alcoholic drinks we review on this website so you would want to keep the Stoli for company rather than as an occasional tipple.

The Stoli vodka is great for teenagers as they love the (slightly) bitter edge. I’ve never met a teenager who wouldn’t hold up their Stoli vodka drink review and say: “Stoli Vodka, yeah!” It has been well tested in our drunk survey, and it has been certified by the FDA.

The drink, the taste and the aroma are fantastic, so the Stoli Vodka drink rating is: 8 out of 10

The Stoli Vodka drink is really delicious, and the taste is a bit like an old Russian man. You could take it as a precursor to a real afternoon martini, a chilled riposte to an evening martini or a Gin & Tonic on a summers afternoon. We’d say the Stoli Vodka drink is consistent and a good tasting drink.

Stoli Vodka Review 1:

Well, MrStoli, we agree and you should have an award for this drink to celebrate your vodka – it’s on the Stoli Vodka drink review now!

The British Stoli drink is sometimes called a Moscow Mule, but we prefer to call it a Russian Mule. It’s a mixture of Russian Vodka, ginger beer and lime. It’s really nice and is balanced and refreshing and will hold you over for a little longer if you have been hard at it. It takes a little longer to make up than a Moscow Mule but is well worth the wait.

Stoli vodka is one of the world’s best selling brands. The Stoli vodka review shows you why. It’s not a mass-sale, low-price vodka, as most of the Stoli vodka drink reviews would expect, as it’s made in the same way as the original Russian Vodka. This is great news if you’re a premium vodka drink stein who loves a good Stoli.

Stoli vodka reviews show you how everyone likes it, either because it’s a premium vodka,

because it’s an English drink,

because the placebo effect actually exists,

or because the Russian Government’s research programme has bought in the most expensive vodka on earth to improve Russian Vodka production.

Stoli Vodka Review 2:

The Stoli Vodka drink is really delicious, and the taste is slightly salty. It’s slightly downmarket but not unpleasant, which is why Stoli Vodka drink reviews rate it so highly.

The Stoli Vodka drink is clear and basic and a good Stoli drink.

The Stoli Vodka drink is very mild, but if you drink it with some ice, it’s pleasant and slightly more warming. It’s a good drinking drink for traditional Russian people, and a Stoli Vodka drink review would agree.

The Stoli Vodka drink is very smooth, a bit like a gin and tonic, with a velvety finish. The taste of the Stoli vodka drink is a bit like an old man’s breath, although if you’re Russian, you wouldn’t get that comment.

The Stoli Vodka drink is pleasing but the more you drink the less you like it, and is weak and not very much fun. The Stoli vodka is good for a first cocktail, but if you have more than a few Stoli vodka drink reviews, you need something stronger.

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