Drink Review: Slane Irish Whiskey

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Slane is a blended Irish whiskey aged in a combination of virgin-oak, refill-American-whiskey and oloroso-sherry casks. The result is an elegant and spicy dram with notes of caramel, dried fruit, caramel and butterscotch.

Slane Irish Whiskey Review:

Flavored Whisk(e)y is another of those topics that I tend to be a bit touchy on. You see, the thing is that there is almost always a fine line between a flavored whiskey that is complex and tasty and one that is simply cover-up for a spirit that just doesn’t have what it takes on its own. And as much as I like the taste of Irish whiskey, particularly Jameson, I’m not quite sure that I’d go to any great lengths to have a bottle of Irish whiskey in my bar. As a result, I was a bit skeptical when I was given a bottle of Slane to review. In the end, I have to say that the only thing that really changed my mind was the fact that I know Chris and that he’s a class act of genuinely nice guy who wouldn’t just hand me a bottle of swill. So, The Wife and I sat down one evening to give it a try.

Distillery: Midleton

ABV: 40%

Yes, you read that right. Slane Irish Whiskey is a NAS (No Age Stated) whiskey. Yes, it seems shocking to me too, but it’s true. Why do I bring this up? Well, I just want to point out that, while NAS has its place, in the world of whiskey, I really like to know the age of a whiskey. Hence, Slane is the first whiskey I’ve ever had that I couldn’t really qualify as to the level of quality that it would bring to a drink. Oh well. I guess we’re just going to have to try it and see what happens.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, Slane is sweet, fruity, spicy and floral, with notes of Oloroso sherry, dusty caramel, dried fruit and butterscotch.

Slane, as would be expected from a lighter whiskey, is a bright and light golden yellow color. The color of light gold, almost. It’s attractive.

Slane presents on the palate with a surprising viscosity. It is much more oily and rich than you would expect from a NAS whiskey on the nose. In fact, it’s almost like a high-quality blend of spirits, with flavors of dried fruit, apple and pineapple joined with a hint of vanilla, fresh hay, a touch of floral and spicy, but no hint of harshness. The finish is warm with an emphasis on some spicy notes of dried fruit and nutty notes.

The finish is warm but in a good way. It works well to coat the mouth in a pleasant warmth with a lingering flavor of dried fruit and a bit of earthiness.

Slane Irish Whiskey Review :

As I was saying, I think Irish whiskey gets a bad reputation. Not everybody likes Jameson and that’s okay. I don’t drink it all that much either. But I do like a good sipping whiskey and I’m glad to have given Slane Irish Whiskey a try. It’s enjoyable and it presents as very tasty beverage. I’d recommend it.

Slane Irish Whiskey Review – The Bottom Line:
Slane is a blend of whiskeys aged in a combination of virgin-oak, refill-American-whiskey and Oloroso-sherry casks. It is available in the United States and is being imported by Tuthilltown Spirits of New York. ITsells for approximately $30 a 750ml bottle.

Written by Mark Adams

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