Drink Review: Perrier-Jouet Blason Rose Champagne

November 21, 2020
4 mins read

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A bottle of Perrier-Jouët’s Blason Rosé Champagne. Made with a cépage of 45% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir and 5% Pinot Meunier, this has powerful notes of red fruit. This will match well with lightly cooked salmon or desserts containing red fruits.

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review:

The Blason Rosé is autumn and autumnal in character. It’s peach and apricot nose will need to be consumed with some food in the mouth. The wine has a balanced acidity and a good structure but it’s more fresh style (for those who like the term) is too delicate. This is a good match with lighter dishes and desserts.

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review 1:

It is refreshing, appealing, dry, fruity and not too sweet and has a fruity and generous finish. Because it’s a blend, older bottles might already have browned, and as such, may not be as nice as the fresher ones. It’s superb at just over a Euro for the 750ml bottle.

The Blason Rosé Champagne is a great bottle to buy for summer if you fancy a dry, fruity and sophisticated match for your BBQ or summer dishes.

The Blason Rosé is a peach and apricot nose is fresh and light. There are some pear notes alongside some fruit such as the peach. The floral hints of elderflower adds a nice layer of flavour. It’s a light and fruity. This is a light sweet wine.

We do note that the Blason Rosé Champagne isn’t made to last as there’s a higher than average risk of bottle haze. The great scope for value, and a light and fresh style of wine is worth the risk.

This is a light, delicate light and fresh wine. It’s perfect with desserts, or fruitier or lighter dishes.

This is best used as a bridging wine or with dessert.

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review 2:

The Blason is a beautiful blend with a fresh, light and delightful style. Because it’s a blend, older bottles may not be as good as the fresher ones. Nevertheless, the Blason Rosé is a strong and good value. It’s fruity, light and fresh with a delicious taste.

The Blason Rosé Champagne is an exquisite, light, fresh and fruity blend. This is a summer wine and is best used to introduce a lighter dish or in a summer fruit salad or summer dessert.

“The Blason is a lovely pink in colour. This wine has a lovely fruity nose. It’s fruity, fresh and light with a great, sweet finish. This is a light and piercing wine. The best way to describe this is if Merlot was a girl. She’s not the prettiest, but she’s got flirty hips to hug you tight. Yummy. You can tickle her with a few red grapes.”

“The Blason Rose Champagne is a Merlot-free zone. The Blason is a wine which suits a wider palate. This is a taste experience. This is a crisp and fresh wine, with a nice, soft and slightly sweet finish. This is a good value bottle. The Blason Rose Champagne is a gift for the wine lover who always carries a white wine bag.”

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review 3:

The Blason is a medium-bodied, medium-bodied wine with a soft fruit, and an oily texture. The blend comes from the famous Premier Cru vineyard (which is a good sign), the Terres de Champagne. This is a soft and light drinker, with a soft textured cup. This is a good value wine. This is a light and drinkable wine which is refreshing. This has a nice, medium-bodied texture and is full-flavoured yet not too sweet. It goes with spicy Asian chicken or casseroles. Use it to throw in the afternoon snack or anytime you fancy some fancy or aperitif.

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review 4:

The Blason Rosé Champagne is a very good value. It’s fruity, refreshing and light. It’s good with a light meal. This is a great Champagne to give as a gift to an important friend or relative.

A very light and crisp Champagne, which is perfect post-dressing for your barbecued chicken.

For barbecuing you need to be careful not to burn the bottle, otherwise, you’ll never be able to recover the taste of this Merlot. The Blason Rose is a Merlot-freezone, so be careful. This is also a good addition to pale ales. It will pair well with salty snacks such as ham and cheese, cured meats or pastries.

This is a nicely balanced red wine which is a good buy for those with a slightly more sophisticated palate.

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review 5:

the Blason Rose is a beautiful wine. This is a good wine to give to a special someone for a Christmas gift.

This is a light, crisp and fruity wine. It’s delicious. This is a good, fruity, dry wine. Because this is a blend, it’s best to use this with a lighter dish or it will be too drinkable with an average meal. There’s a light peach flavour. This is a fresh, fragrant, fruity wine. This is a very delicious dry, light and fizzy wine.

“The Blason Rose is a medium-bodied red wine, with a lovely smooth texture. It’s got a subtle apricot character, with the lightest bit of sweetness. This makes it a refreshing and fruity wine.”

“The Blason rose is a slightly dry Champagne. It’s light and fruity, it’s good for fruity dishes. There are notes of elderflower, hint of fruit. It’s a little sweet and round. When drinking more than one glass, this is a great wine for cooking with.”

Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Review 6:

Blason Rose is a good champagne to taste if you’re a French-impaired wine drinker. This doesn’t need aerating. It’s a dry wine which can be enjoyed as aperitif or a palate-cleanser. This is a great wine to give as a gift to a good friend or relative.

“Blason is very easy to match with food. This is a refreshing, light and fruity wine with a fruity finish. The taste is sweet, clean and fruity. This is a very light, dry wine. This is good for aperitif or as a wine to drink all night.”

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