Drink Review: Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey

November 2, 2020
3 mins read

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Kilbeggan is a blended Irish whiskey made at Cooley distillery in County Louth. Named after the distillery of the same name dating back to 1757, this is an elegant, sweet and malty blend.

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Review:

Kilbeggan’s traditional Irish whiskey is pulled from an aging whiskey (malt) stock and charcoal-filtered using soft water. This gives Kilbeggan a brown color and a characteristic vanilla and caramel aroma. Before being sold, the whiskey is matured in casks for a minimum of 18 years.

Kilbeggan has an ABV of 40%, meaning this whiskey is not exactly high proof. The proof of a standard whiskey (like Jack Daniels) is a higher percentage than 40% alcohol.

Kilbeggan has a deep and pleasant taste, full of vanilla flavor and other sweet notes at the beginning. Right at the end, Kilbeggan shows a dry and spicy flavor. This Irish whiskey pairs nice with any food and with chocolate.

Kilbeggan is made with a blend of a few different malt whiskies, including a 12-year old, a 15-year old, and a 15-year old triple pot-stilled whiskey.

In taste tests, Kilbeggan quickly gathers a following. This Irish whiskey double chambered in a triple pot-still and triple distilled. Kilbeggan is sipped neat or mixed with water or juice, but it is especially good mixed with coffee or milk.

Kilbeggan comes in a beautiful wooden and glass bottle with a simple green label.

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Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Review 1:

Kilbeggan is a blend, meaning you’ll find the names of the malt whiskies used on the bottle’s label.

Generally, you’ll see on the label names like the 15-year old, 12-year and triple-pot stilled or triple-filtered. You can’t always find all the malt whiskies used in the blend, but most times it’s just the three mentioned on the Kilbeggan label.

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey: This Irish whiskey is a blended whiskey and so it is flavored with something in it. Irish whiskey is allowed to be flavored with up to 25 different flavorings. The flavors can be honey, butterscotch, tobacco, orange, lemon, vanilla, etc.

Kilbeggan includes the traditional pearl barley used to age whiskey. Rosemary oil, and several wildflower oils are also used in the process including camphor and cardamon.

The uniqueness of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey is that it is triple distilled, meaning that it is alcohol is further filtered, pulled and pulled through a second time before being bottled. Distillation can be done at any ABV these days, but only triple distilled whiskeys can be labeled triple distilled, giving Kilbeggan triple distilled status.

Kilbeggan is double-chambered, meaning that it is made in a style common in Ireland.

Brandy is generally triple-chambered such that the spirits are again pumped twice and then are finished in a third very low pressure. The third step is called the bourbon or pot-still, and again it is used to bring the alcohol down.

As a triple distilled whiskey, Kilbeggan is super smooth and tasty. This Irish whiskey is sweet, strong in flavor and smooth on the palate.

While the list of flavors can include blends of honey, orange oil and rosemary, it can also include vanilla or something else. Double distilling Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey for pot still whiskey brings out the best qualities.

Cosmetically, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey comes in a beautiful bottle. Its label is simple, but looks great. The bottle has a built-in stopper with a cork that fits inside the bottle. The label is made from reusable plastic.

Kilbeggan is one of the most popular Irish whiskeys, being described as gentle, sweet and clean. It is a single pot-still whiskey, Triple distilled. Kilbeggan is distilled twice, and then triple distilled.

Kilbeggan is one of the popular brand of Irish whiskeys available in the market due to its smooth flavor and aroma. This whiskey is made in the blend of various whiskeys aged from 12 to 15 years and it is triple distilled to ensure superior taste.

Despite its triple distilling procedure Kilbeggan whiskey is not expensive and you can enjoy its taste with pizza, ice cream, Black stout beer and many other food items.

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Review 2:

Kilbeggan has been marketed with the claim of being a highly esteemed and an exceptional blend of aged whiskey. The Irish whiskey is distilled three times, triple distilled and then put in oak barrels to develop its flavor.

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey: The blend of whiskey is aged in casks before blending for a few further months to ensure a smooth and consistent flavor. The blend includes sherry rye, high peated, and grain whiskeys. (https://www.jonesaroundtheworld.com/)

Kilbeggan Irish whiskey is a mixture of different whiskies. It is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 3 additional months and then triple distilled to add sweetness.

Kilbeggan is a unique form of whiskey making known as triple distillation. This process not only gives Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey its smooth taste but also renders it as a superior product.

The distillation of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey is twice and then triple distillation to give Kilbeggan a smooth over-all taste. The triple distilling also enhances the taste in whiskey.

Kilbeggan Irish whiskey is triple distilled as it is super smooth, and hence faster passage through the pot still. Its taste is enhanced due to triple distillation.

The whiskey is aged in ex-bourbon and ex-rum casks which enhance its flavor and enrich it with the use of Chinook and Spanish arrope, which give Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey a tangy flavor.

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