Drink Review: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label was relaunched in 2012. Built around a core of single malt whisky from Clynelish, the Gold Label Reserve is a great addition to the line-up from master blender Jim Beveridge.

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Review:

This whisky comes in at a surprising 46% overproof, the strength of the whisky itself gives it a mid-range sweetness, providing a rounded and fun level of bite.

The nose has a lovely golden glow. The plum and brandy take the lead, with morello and amaretto adding subtle and sweeter notes. The nose also carries a wonderful spice element, mixing nutmeg and cinnamon.

The initial mouth feel is spiked, with medium density oiliness and a strong saltiness. There are tangerine and ginger notes, giving a pleasant spicy touch. These remain fairly rooted, with a layers of honey and creamy notes.

The palate is elegant and balanced, with concentrated flavours and a gradual build up of sweetness. The initial kick is largely a mouth feel sapiness, but there is a burst of heat on the finish. The long finish gives the nose time to settle and the cinnamon and marzipan combine to bring a very clean finish.

The levels of Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve from the different distilleries and their water make for some interesting comparisons. This is one to enjoy as an aperitif, nicely complimenting a wide range of flavours.

This is a quality whisky. The strength makes it a great choice if you want to enjoy a drop in a highball or tumbler, but the richness and complexity of the flavours means it is only really worth a little attention if you can keep up with it.

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Review:

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve is quite simply a great whisky. It will be the go-to choice for enthusiasts, while the potent, warming flavours will satisfy the enjoyment of new members of the whisky scene.

As ever, we at Drink Broadly cannot recommend it enough.

 This is a quality blended whisky, with a rich and complex palate of sweet, well blended flavours. The honey-tinged sweetness is built skillfully and the tobacco explodes on the nose, bringing a great intensity and depth of flavour.

The high proof means that it is the drink of choice for those who want a little extra kick, making it a good pair with gourmet foods and as a highball for craft beer fans.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label reserve is one of the best blended whiskies I’ve tasted, many thanks indeed to the Aberlour and Clynelish.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is the most mature of the Gold Label range. Being 46% ABV means that this one is the lightest on the palate. The honey, fruit and nutmeg combine well together with the bittersweet oak, but there is a mild and restrained level of heat.

As a blend, this whisky is very well rounded, still a bit rough around the edges but still very smooth. The taste is sweet, fruity and slightly smoky, providing a smooth and balanced finish. Although the burn does come out at the end.

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Review:

The initial taste is slight and soft on the tongue. After a few seconds the taste is quickly replaced with a wave of lemon balm and orange. Overall it’s thick, rich and sweet.

The whisky is made from the top singers of the spirit world – only the best to be used. The next step is to be aged in specially selected casks. Some of these casks are aged with the grain as previously mentioned, and others are distilled from the sherry cask.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve was launched in 2012 and like the other Johnnie Walker Gold Label, was a hit with millions of whisky lovers.

The blend is aged in oak casks, a process similar to a single malt whisky’s first maturation step. But here the first sample of whisky is only partially finished and a portion of it is reserved for blending. After adding to this part of the spirit with flavoring and coloring additives it is bottled, or, in this case, released.

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