Drink Review: Grays Peak Vodka

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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Grays Peak Vodka hails from Minnesota. Distilled five times from grain and filtered through charcoal this has light notes of vanilla and a subtle sweetness.

Grays Peak Vodka Review:

I know what you are thinking. This is another grain alcohol. I know. I have been drinking this for several weeks now. I am familiar with the product. I like what I am tasting. I would review this in a different manner if what I was drinking were whiskey, but it was vodka. There was no way around it at this time. However, this is a vodka review. At least for now. This vodka is a finer vodka then what I normally drink. It has a smooth taste with no bitterness or hangover. It has a subtle fruit flavor to it. The bottle I had came with a bunch of stickers. This vodka is not as many people seem to like it. I am not sure why that is. I like it. It has a smooth after taste. I really like that.

I have shot this in a drink and mixed it into drinks. I have also just sipped it. The first time I did this I was greatly surprised as to how smooth this vodka was. I have to say Grays Peak Vodka is now a staple in my vodka collection. I will be buying more when I run out. You can buy this vodka in Minnesota and the United States. If you are down in Florida they are making it already.

Grays Peak Vodka Review 1:

I give Grays Peak Vodka four out of five stars. This vodka has a smooth feel to it. It has a subtle throat hit with a nice after taste. The fruit flavors are welcoming and relaxing. I HAVE NOT had a hangover from this vodka yet. That stuff is a headache. I really enjoyed the smoothness of this vodka in a drink. I also liked it when I drank it straight. This vodka shines in a sour mix to make a nice twist on a classic.

I have no problem with that as long as the product is good. This is an excellent vodka. I will be getting more of this in the future.

Grays Peak Vodka Review 2:

You could drink this straight with no catch. I like it straight. I like it mixed into drinks. I like it in the morning. I like it a lot. It is a good vodka. For an introduction, you are going to like this. If you have been drinking boring grain alcohol and have been looking to try a change, go get this vodka. 

Grays Peak Vodka Review 3:

Grain Vodka is the classic and still preferred type of vodka. This type of vodka is made from a higher grain alcohol base. The grain is usually wheat, but can also be barley and rye. Some vodka is distilled from potatoes. Vodka is run through a column still or a rectifying column still. Grain Vodka has little to no additives or filtration after the distillation process and therefore, the purity is not guaranteed.

Grain Vodka Review 4:

I have known this vodka for a very long time. I have been using it for many years now. I have tried other vodkas. I have tried other high-proof vodkas. This vodka is better than a lot of those that I have tried. I got a bottle from a friend of mine and I was really impressed. The thing I like the most about this vodka is that it has not changed.

The color is a nice amber. The aroma is the same. The flavor is the same. This is not a fancy vodka. It is just like I said, it is grain alcohol. My friend does not like the way this tastes. Some people will not taste the difference. Some people think a lot of things have changed and they really do not. I taste the flavor and this is a nice vodka. Overall, I like this vodka.

Grain Vodka Review 5:

I am going to start out by saying that the dry taste of some vodkas make my tongue feel like too many hairs on my tongue. After a bit, my mouth starts to ache. That is what I get with many vodkas. So I am not a huge fan of those vodkas. I have drunk a lot of vodkas over the years and some are just not my style. I know some people take great pride in their favorite vodkas. I am not one of those people. This is a great vodka and it does have a nice smell and flavor. Clean taste with nice smell. I would buy it again. I am not a huge fan, but this is a fine vodka. Give it a shot. I think you will like it. I would like it straight, but I do not would not mix this with anything. I like it mixed with orange juice and cranberry juice to make a nice change to the norm. This is a fine vodka.

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