Drink Review: Dimple 15 Year Old

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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A classic deluxe blend that has stood the test of time. Based on Glenkinchie with traces of other more northerly distilleries, Dimple benefits from an extended marrying period. Rich, smooth and complex.

Dimple Pinch Review:

Dimple Pinch is the highest proof pre-mash style whisky in the world as a single malt whisky, resembling a blend from the distillation of the heaviest-bodied whiskies, especially when it is aged for up to 50 years.Dimple is also aged in a sherry cask, thus giving the spirit a range of notes, such as ‘seizons’ or ‘pepperiness’.

Dimple Pinch Review 1:

Dimple Pinch is indeed a premium whisky with subtle but punchy tastes of wood, honey and overtones of cherries, apricots and a hint of nutmeg. In fact, the feel of the spirit sort of reminds me of IKEA furniture; blunt, rigid and somewhat empty. A fantastic whisky for those who love big bold flavours. The subtle undertones of vanilla follow, making this a whisky that is best consumed in winter, either by itself or on an old fashioned.

Dimple Pinch Review 2:

Dimple Pinch goes very well with coffee, ice tea, cola and a chaser of dark rum. As for a single malt drinker? Well, even on my bedtime, I can’t find a better fit. Despite being just under orange in colour, the taste of Dimple Pinch makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It’s a somewhat grown-up whisky that I can’t wait to share with my tweed-clad, pipe-smoking uncles.

Dimple Pinch Review 3:

Dimple Pinch is a rich, creamy and slow-coming-on single malt with many layers of flavour and sensations. It tastes fresh, it goes down very easily, it leaves a sweet and pleasant aftertaste and it burns nicely.

An attractive whisky, that reminds me of a slightly edgy yet ideal summer companion. If I am ever to meet any of the very old reviewers in my future, I’d definitely buy a case for each of them. If you are a Riedel wine glass fan, I’d definitely give Dimple a go. I’d recommend the tipple to any whisky lover of maturity with nice whisky needs.

Yum, yum, very yum! A sure winner with a great hit of honey and lite toasty nutmeg overtones. It’s very good value for money (the drams are tiny and worth their price) and goes well with shellfish. I’m going to buy some more.

Dimple Pinch Review 4:

Dimple Pinch is distilled in the Highlands and make of one of my favourite single malts. If you like a lot of peat at the backend of your single malt, then this is the whisky for you.

This is a very tasty whisky. The smoothness comes from a complex mix of savoury undertones and succulent fruity finishes. It is not complicated and yet, it is.

The whisky is a wee bit too light and lacks an alcohol kick, but the taste is magnificent. No citrus bursts, but with a fizzy softness, especially welcome on a day when you’ve been hanging around at home. With notes of honey, apple and a touch of wood.

Often described as the “richest of the rich”, Dimple Pinch is indeed a deliciously distilled pre-mash whisky. A treat for the senses, it is faintly mushroomy. More complex than your usual drink, it offers a little fruity sweetness, honey and a dash of sweetness.

The dram is interesting. The scent is delightful, with notes of citrus; sparkling and cuddly. With a slight warming sensation on first sip then a very delicate, fruity finish. For me, the bit of a caustic feeling was gone after a few sips, so I would have to say a big thumbs up.

Light, smooth and with a lovely yellowish colour. As well as a tad of a reptile feel, I get hints of cinnamon underneath and a nice, fruity finish. It is good to know that a little bit of the single malt growing under their roots is included in the process of making this popular drink. A pleasure for the senses and the palate, if you ask me.

Simple does a great job of capturing the toasty character of a Highland whisky. The taste is presented with a dash of nutmeg and overtones of malty sweetness, which come through on the back of the palate. Certainly a gentle dram that you could sip all afternoon.

Dimple Pinch Review 5:

Light and with a hint of smoke. The characteristic tastes of Dimple Pinch are a mixture of lemon, pale malt, walnuts and a touch of honey. The whisky has a big fruity taste, with white grapes not being far behind. A wee bit of caramel is added to the mix as well.

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