Drink Review: Compass Box Hedonism

November 22, 2020
3 mins read

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A terrific blended grain whisky (the first of its type when released in 2000) from tireless innovators Compass Box. Supple & silky, with elegant, rich flavours of vanilla, toffee, coconut and cocoa.

Compass Box Hedonism Review:

A blend of malt whiskies, including the totally unique Compass Box Lodestar 23 yo, delivered by an impressively-aged sherry cask (the former containing 12 years of ageing). Smooth and elegant, with concentrated flavours of vanilla, caramel, honey, hazelnut, almonds and toffee.

The Drink

Superbly crafted & blended, with flavours of vanilla, honey, toffee, coconut, with some notes of sherry and gingernuts. From a new age of excellence in whisky blending.

A Connoisseur’s thoughts

This is a delight, smooth and creamy. Lovely aromas of vanilla, coconut and toffee, with a gentle sherry profile, with a touch of almond too. Incredible depth, with further notes of mango, apple pie, and mild cinnamon.

The Verdict

A terrific blend, something you might find yourself reaching for again and again. I’d certainly buy a bottle or two.

Compass Box Hedonism Review:

It was a blend of malts exclusively from The Famous Grouse, Glenkinchie, Clynelish, Glenlossie and Glengoyne distilleries and matured in various casks.

Nose: Vanilla, honey, toffee, some pear.

Palate: Creamy, honey, toffee, vanilla, Christmas cake, jam & custard, spice, apple sauce, custard, leather.

Finish: Long, rich, spicy, fruity sweetness

Compass Box Hedonism Review:

A delicate, fruity, creamy liqueur, blend of aged malt whiskies from The Famous Grouse distillery matured in port casks. Toffee, cream and spices.

Enjoy as an aperitif, sexily with an orange peel and mint garnish. Composed and elegant. Indulge yourself, lightly pour over ice, and sip.

Pair with

Pair with smoked salmon, rare or medium-rare steak, baked or grilled fish, lamb, salmon burgers, stout-style beer. Or simply enhance your evening meal with the sparkling effects of this liqueur.

The Nibble

Go to the bar or restaurant, enjoy a well-made cocktail, and then consider whether of not to try this liqueur. Excellent with an orange peel.

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Compass Box Hedonism Review: 

A blend of selected malt whisky matured in casks. Set sail with us on our journey. Cruise through the Caribbean on a Caribbean pirate ship with a loaded heavy cannon, and then cap off your evening with our Captain James Cottle’s dram.

Elegant and aged in ex-bourbon; in other words an old man’s blend. Rich, complex, spicy and rewarding. 15 years of experience in blending and seeking out exceptional whisky. An elegant liqueur.

“The distilleries chosen for this voyage are a wonderful mixture of old and new, ones known for their prowess and those that are newer to the game, ones that have previously worked with the likes of Bowmore and Macallan. Combined with a mix of sherry ex-sherry casks, in a very special combination of grain, sherry and bourbon, all in a killer blend with unusually long finish.”.

Compass Box Hedonism Review: 

It is very good in taste and completely distinct from anything else in the world. Beautiful and refined. Aged in casks filled with bourbon, with notes of vanilla, coconut wrapped in smoke. Rich and lingering, very intense. A blend of new, previously used and ex-bourbon casks, entering the finishing room at 20 to 21 years old. This blend is not for the eager and the faint-hearted. Sweet and creamy, wine-like with notes of tobacco, peat and a pleasant touch of smoke. Soft and smooth, a perfect complement to the finest food.

This blend was then matured in ex-bourbon, also a layer of different barley, rye and wheat roasted and used as malt whisky by Cameron’s Distillers Limited for blending.

It is a mix of grain whiskies from the Cameron’s Distillers limited range of malt whiskies, with provenance going back to the 19th century.

Compass Box Hedonism Review:

A velvet, velvety smooth whisky, delicate and exquisite, whose mouth-watering aromas will make you feel satiated.

I find this probably one of the best whiskies I have ever tasted and can highly recommend it to those who like whisky at it’s best. It’s a very special malt whisky, even more special when you find out that the liquor is designed to make you feel happy, to enquire and learn about whisky, to drink whiskies that you have not tried and to read the stories behind their creation. There is a lot of information on the sites about the production of the whiskies and the quotes about the ingredients and the blends read by all the staff who invited me to taste.

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