Drink Review: Bulleit Bourbon

November 21, 2020
2 mins read

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Packaged in an old-style bottle, Bulleit bourbon has developed a loyal following in the decade or so since its arrival on UK shores. The high rye content (around 30%) gives this a spicy kick.

Review Bulleit Bourbon:

Bulleit bourbon is born in Kentucky and bottled in Bardstown, that’s central Kentucky. It’s a favorite of Bourbon drinkers and those of us who appreciate a good quality whiskey.

When someone refers to craft, they are not talking about Bulleit, then!

This is a whiskey that’s great with whiskey, but it’s also great with sparkling water.

Review Bulleit Bourbon:

The Bulleit Bourbon is a special, wild whiskey with the power to change your life. It’s a liquid experience that’s not just for sipping.

The taste of Bulleit, for me, is similar to that of rum; earthy, woody and a deep, spicy spice (perhaps cumin). It’s that good.

This is a well-balanced, complex bourbon with a slight bite as befits the strength of a Rye whiskey. The nose is deep and rich, evocative of Kentucky forest covered in yellow leaves during the autumn.

Bulleit has a smooth, spicy whiskey feel and mouthfeel. It’s a little rough on the tongue, too sherried for my taste, but there is a good deal of smoothness, too.

That which is good. It can be in many forms. It can be a warm day driving down the New Jersey Turnpike on a sticky night without a care in the world.

Bulleit and its brother, Four Roses , are two of the best selling bourbon whiskeys around. This is because Bulleit and Four Roses are two of the best bourbons.

Review Bulleit Bourbon:

The nose on Bulleit is very well behaved. No real issues so far, it’s clean and fragrant. Very Ryey and slightly woody.

Bulleit has a long finish, and it’s dry and slightly peppery, and also has a sweetness to it. Bulleit allows the effect of oak to enjoy a little prominence alongside the pleasant rye toffee side of the thing.

Review Bulleit Bourbon:

This is a decent whiskey, it’s not great, but it’s very drinkable. The truth is this is a rather mellow whiskey, that drinks well and is approachable enough to use as a mixer.

Bulleit bourbon is silky and smooth, reminiscent of a very large glass of Golden Syrup. It’s a crème brûlée of a whiskey, for lovers of that sweet, not-too-sweet sweetener.

Bulleit is very good, but only as a mixer. If you’re after a straight sipping bourbon, pick something a little lesser (although still very good).

Review Bulleit Bourbon:

In the summer, you need something different and Bulleit is the perfect companion to a fresh summer drink. A simple spritzer, it’s served over a clean quartz glass.

Bulleit is appropriately spicy (for a Rye), but not too strong. It’s satisfying to whack back a good few but also satisfying to sip alone.

Bulleit bourbon is an exceedingly dry whiskey, with enough spice to stand up to and mix with a good dose of ginger and lime.

Bulleit.A flavorful, American whiskey. Hailing from Kentucky, Bulleit became a hit among whiskey aficionados. All it takes is one sip to learn why whiskey aficionados decided to give this American whiskey a try.

Bulleit has to be heard, and seen, to be appreciated. It’s a very well-made spirit with all the excitement of Redbreast Irish Whiskey in a slightly grainier, older and spicier package. It’s not for the micro-managing whiskey drinkers, though, or those who want an exact flavor profile.

Bulleit is a very simple whiskey, but it’s a good whiskey. It’s not special, but it’s good.

Review Bulleit Bourbon:

Let’s say you’re out with friends and you decide to sip on whiskey. A simple bit of stylish mixed drinks will ensure that nobody gets too drunk. And that’s that – a complicated glass of spirits is bound to intimidate. The cocktails I found at Casa Bonita are not nearly as complex as the ones you’ll find elsewhere.

Bulleit is a distillery’s whiskey that’s easy to sip on: no need to pull out a mini-breaking-edge-manipulator. It’s easy enough to round up a group and have a good old boys’ night. It’s good enough to drink neat.

Bulleit also happens to be a good sipping whiskey and even great mixer. It’s best served ice cold.

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