Drink Review: Absolut Elyx

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A premium Absolut vodka, distilled in a vintage copper rectification still from 1929 in small batches using wheat sourced locally from the nearby Råbelöf estate. It’s a clean-tasting vodka with a soft, silky mouthfeel – Absolut recommend you drink it neat with a single large ice cube.

Absolut Elyx Review:

Extremely Smooth A great vodka that can be enjoyed straight or mixed with most other drinks. The unique depth and robust nature of Absolut Elyx make it a must-try for anyone new to the spirit. Despite being an incredibly smooth and mellow vodka, it certainly packs a punch – especially for a non-spiced spirit, and can be enjoyed in various cocktails without the use of added syrups or sweeteners.

Traditionally Distilled An authentic method of distillation from a traditional copper rectification still, this vodka is made from fairly neutral ingredients that are sourced from the area near where the vodka is produced. There are no mixed herbs in the original Absolut flavour profile, with the more traditional flavours from hops in honour of the Tribute To Scandinavia.

Extremely Smooth An incredibly smooth vodka that mixes well with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Incredibly smooth and enjoyable straight or mixed with a mixer of your choice. The unique depth allows for a lot of different mixing techniques, including sipping through a straw.

Traditionally Distilled A vodka that is made using methods that are more authentic than those that most of the manufacturers of other commercial brands use. The exceptionally smooth and potent Absolut Elyx is an incredibly popular flavour that makes a great vodka cocktail compared with more mainstream brands. The traditional selection of wheat and rye are both staples in other Absolut Vodkas, although unique elsewhere.

Absolut Elyx Review 1:

Absolut Elyx is a very clean tasting vodka that works best mixed with non-alcoholic drinks. The unique robust depth of Absolut Elyx makes it great to drink straight up or mixed with a mixer of your choice.

Absolut Elyx has a great value vodka that gives you maximum value for money by tasting great and giving you a value for money, and it’s more than worth it for the quality and the absolutely fantastic quality of the packaging.

The packaging is incredibly sophisticated, and can hold its own against other premium brands in terms of quality. There’s some great artwork on the front of the bottle, with a bit of subtle secret symbolism in the actual bottle. The bottle is then wrapped in an innovative silver and carbon-plated metal scheme that wraps around the bottle, very reminiscent of Absolut’s original Absolut Elyx bottle design.

It comes in an incredibly stylish white vegan-friendly bottle designed to look as classy and high-end as possible, with a sleek grey design to it. The words “Absolut Elyx” are boldly printed across the front of the bottle, which is wrapped with an Absolut-esque silver and chrome design that encircles the shape of the bottle. The unique striking red and white ceramic rim around the metal bottle is very interesting, although I do like the black and white strip behind it.

Inside you’re greeted to a set of very classy gold embossing in the top right-hand corner of the container, and a minimalist.”Absolut Elyx” Is an Authentic and Silky Aroma

Absolut Elyx Review 2:

Absolut Elyx has a distinct aroma to it with a subtle smell of herbs and spices. The unique flavour profile and the production process gives you a high standard of vodka that is as enjoyable to smell as it is to taste and a lot more premium than a lot of other vodkas out there. The scent is incredibly smooth and very enjoyable to drink, especially when drinking straight with your favorite mixer of choice.

As you breathe in the distinctive Absolut Elyx aroma, you’re greeted by an incredibly smooth vodka with almost no hints at all of the distinctive “spiciness” or “herb aromas” that you get from some vodkas.

The smell is incredibly heavy and extremely smooth. The smell is more sophisticated than your average vodka, and it has a distinct aroma to it that makes it distinctive and much better than the smell of your average vodka that makes you want to gag.

Absolut Elyx is less of a sharp aroma and has a smooth, silky, almost thick and heavy aroma that makes it one of the best distilled vodkas you can buy. So if you’re a vodka lover who cannot tolerate the strong tastes in vodka, this is the vodka for you.

It’s worth pointing out that Absolut Elyx has a peculiar smell that’s not for everyone, and is a fantastic vodka if you’re not a fan of strong smells. Wether you like it or not, Absolut Elyx has a distinctive smell that emits a unique aroma, which will either be a huge positive or negative depending on how you like it.

The aroma remains silky and smooth, and is incredibly enjoyable to drink straight or mixed with a mixer of your choice. The smell gives down very slight hints at the taste, which is just as good as the smell – which is incredibly smooth and a lot more nit-free than most vodkas.

The aroma of Absolut Elyx is very unique – and if you like the smell of Absolut’s other vodkas you’re going to love the smell of Absalut Elyx.

Absolut Elyx has a clean taste despite being an intense and smooth tasting vodka that’s incredibly smooth and enjoyable to drink.

The exceptionally smooth taste of Absolut Elyx gives you the similar sensation and sensation of drinking vodka.

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