Drink Review: 3 Kilos Ultra Premium Vodka

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3 Kilos is a quintuple-distilled vodka from the Netherlands. Presented in the shape of a gold ingot, this is a soft and silky-smooth spirit.

3 Kilos Vodka Review:

The bottle has been a huge hit. The shape is distinctive and offers a chance for the product to stand out from the crowd in a crowded shelf. It makes the product feeling a lot more exclusive and luxurious.

3 Kilos is a product from The Southern Comfort Company, run by their beer and wine division. They’ve been creating spirits for many years. They’re also responsible for Triple Eight vodka. This is a brand that will be familiar to many UK drinkers. 3 Kilos is an entirely different class of spirit compared with some of the other products you’ll find in the 3K range.

3 Kilos is made in the Netherlands unlike some of the other spirits that they make. The fact that it is from an independent distiller makes it a more richly special brand. I previously tried Triple Eight vodka from 3K, which came in a brilliantly designed bottle. In my opinion, its bottle design outshines 3 Kilos. It’s a product that has a lot going for it, but one that I feel needs a little more work. I hope they released a new bottle and can update the design.

There have been some great efforts by the 3K team in this regard. They’ve also produced a pretty awesome bottle and are famed for their brilliant and exciting advertising campaigns, which have made for some great experiences for the company and the brand.

A Soft and Silky Spirit:

I’ve added 3 Kilos to my collection of soft and silky spirits. It’s a subtly sweet spirit, and comes with an aroma of fruit. ( It doesn’t seem to give off a very strong aroma at first. The spirit has a lovely colour to it and is almost clear.

I’ve poured a few drops onto some paper and found that it didn’t leave any colour. This is a good sign because it means this is well- distilled and high quality. This is according to the manufacturer’s website.

3 Kilos is a product that is clear, smooth and one that goes down with an almost insignificant burn. It’s a softly sweet spirit that’s very easy to drink.

The website says that 3 Kilos is made from five different grains, suggesting that this should be a spirit that’s got plenty of complexity.

The producer describes it as having a clean taste, which the website also highlights. I’m not sure I would describe it that way, as I feel it’s sweet.

It’s a light and soft spirit. The taste is not three dimensional, but layered. It’s got a sweetness to it. A flavour that reminds you of stewed fruits. It also reminds me of soft spices, like cinnamon and a touch of ginger. It also has a nice orange undertone. As a tip for the vodka connoisseur, I would recommend looking for a vodka that is triple or quadruple distilled. This makes it a smoother spirit. It’s also worth noting that high-end vodkas should have five distillations.

The brand suggests that the vodka is triple distilled, which is a brilliant suggestion. I’m not sure that quadruple distillation is necessary. What does this mean to the end user? It means it’s smoother and perfect for mixing. This is why it could be good for the vodka connoisseur, who’s perfecting their methods in making the perfect cocktails.

The site also tells you that this spirit is made from a selection of five different grains, which means that this will have a lot of flavour and complexity. It would be worth researching the exact make up of the spirit in order to get an idea of the individual flavours that are prominent.

The packaging:

The 3 Kilos bottle is a rectangular cube. It’s not a square cube, but almost rectangular. It comes in at 56cl. The bottle has a striking shape, which will find a place in pop culture history. Just look at the shape of a classic Star Wars figure, or the old sci-fi door-opening wristwatch. It’s shaped like this, which is one of those moments when things just work. I think that it’s an illustration that shows that the best products come when you’re not aiming to make something new.

Written by Mark Adams

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