Delicious Goodies To Bring to Your Holiday Parties

November 15, 2021
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Delicious Goodies To Bring to Your Holiday Parties

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The holiday season is a time to celebrate with your friends and family. Whether you’re observing a particular holiday or enjoying the spirit of the season, you’ll probably find yourself at a gathering at least once. Don’t let anyone catch you empty-handed; try some of these delicious goodies to bring to your holiday parties.

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint is everywhere this time of year. Incorporate it into your seasonal desserts by making peppermint bark to share with everyone. The best part about this easy-to-make treat is that it only requires two ingredients: candy canes and white chocolate!

Famous Cheese Ball

There’s nothing better than an appetizer that takes little prep time. Bringing a cheese ball is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something savory that everyone can enjoy. Every person at your party will find some way to indulge in this classic holiday starter!

Spiced Apple Cider

If you’re not into cooking or baking, taking a homemade beverage to your celebrations might be your best option. Spiced drinks, like apple cider, make delicious goodies to bring to your holiday parties because they are warm, filling, and tasty. Create spiced apple cider at home with hand-picked apples, or make it on-site to fill your party with seasonal scents that smell like the feeling of a cozy blanket.

Festive Cookies

A good cookie goes a long way. The holiday season is the perfect time to try a new cookie recipe to go along with your favorite themed cookie cutter. You can make these at home to bring along, or you can include your fellow party guests in the decorating process for a fun and festive group activity.

Seasonal Wine

Finally, if all else fails, a nice bottle of wine is the perfect addition to every holiday party. Wine has been a common party favor for years, and nobody will pass on a sparkling holiday cocktail or rich glass of cabernet.


Find out what meals your host will serve; if it’s hearty red meat, bring along a full-bodied red. If your main dish is lighter white meat, like fish or chicken, pair it with a crisp white.

These food and drink options will always leave you prepared for your holiday parties. Make the most out of this season of giving with some sweet and savory treats everyone will remember next year.

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