Customer Experience: Ways To Enhance Your Restaurant Patio

September 1, 2022
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Customer Experience: Ways To Enhance Your Restaurant Patio

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There is no such thing as perfection. There is always room for improvement in anything, especially in the restaurant business. Whether it’s adding something to the menu, changing the seating and table arrangements, or designing new waiter uniforms, there is always something to improve. In this case, you might want to improve the customer experience with ways to enhance your restaurant patio.

Prepare for the Weather

The world has so many apps and advancements in technology that help people track and monitor the weather. You can probably learn what type of weather you’ll have with a simple click of a button. But it can also be unpredictable, which means you must prepare.

Whether you have rain or shine, you want your customer’s dining experience to always be comfortable. For patios, the important thing to remember is coverage. Set up some awnings, shade sails, or umbrellas to keep your customers protected. Cover your furniture so that rain doesn’t ruin it.

Keep It Warm

Summer is one of the greatest seasons because of the warm weather. But there are moments when the temperature can drop at night. You don’t want to step outside and see all your customers shivering and huddled up.

Consider adding a few heating lamps on cool nights to keep everyone toasting. Make sure you follow the proper setup and placement procedures to avoid any hazards. You don’t want the lamps too close to the customers. Keep them at a safe distance but close enough so that everyone stays warm.

Encourage Hygiene

Recently, many restaurants have taken to adding hand sanitizer bottles on the tables for customers. This may seem like a good idea, but it does not necessarily encourage good hygiene. For one, everyone will touch the bottle to get the hand sanitizer out, which only further spreads the germs.

Consider installing hand sanitizer stations at the tables. Customers only need to place their hands under the nozzle and have the sanitizer automatically dispensed. They can clean their hands before their food comes out without going to the bathroom.

Remove the Pest

Unfortunately, the outdoors and delicious-smelling cuisine invites bugs. But there are ways to remove them from your dining experience. You do not need to resort to bug spray either. Those chemicals don’t mix well anyway.

Consider strategically placing citronella candles on the tables to ward off the bugs. Never tell your customers you can’t control the elements. Make an effort to cater to their request. The candles also add a nice touch to the ambiance of your restaurant.

Business is good when you have people dying to eat your spot and keep coming back for more. Keep the customer experience pristine with these effective ways to enhance your restaurant patio.

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