Creating Comfort: Unique Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

For a lot of people, the kitchen acts as the heart of the home. It’s the place where the family gathers for meals, conversation, and connection. It’s also the place where people turn for comfort, whether that be in the food itself or the method of cooking and baking. That said, there are ways to make the kitchen an even better place of comfort and ease, and that comes from the colors you choose to decorate with.

Colors have an enormous effect on mood—even more so in the kitchen. Be careful about what colors you choose, as some can end up hindering an appetite, but once you find the right ones, you can make the kitchen feel even homier. If that’s something you’re aiming for, check out these unique ways to add color to your kitchen.

Choose Colorful Cookware

One of our favorite ways to add pops of color to your kitchen is in the cookware you use. If all your plates, bowls, glasses mixers, and even frying pans are neutral tones, then you could benefit from some rainbow. Not every item needs color, but mixing in a few colorful touches can add more personality to your kitchen. Who doesn’t want a Tiffany Blue KitchenAid?

Think About Shelving

You have more colorful shelving options for your kitchen than you think. It’s an easy yet unexpected way to add color that isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t mess with the theme you may already have in place. Our favorite options include open shelving, where you show off that colorful cookware, or simply painting the inside of the cupboards.

Pick a Colorful Sink

You don’t have to go for the gray stainless-steel sink. In fact, you can still get a porcelain-coated stainless-steel sink in a vibrant color. Go for blues, greens, and even yellows, but we’d recommend steering clear of orange or reds—it will make the thought of cleaning after dinner that much less appetizing.

Start a Kitchen Garden

One of the best ways to add color to your kitchen is by adding in some living color. Vertical hanging, kitchen herb gardens can give your neutral kitchen just the pop of color it needs. Liven up your space and make it even more comforting when you bring some nature inside. Better yet, the fresh herbs and spices will take your dishes to another level!

Spruce Up the Walls

This technique for adding color to the kitchen is more unusual than it sounds—just paint the walls. A lot of people leave their kitchens with neutral walls. You can bring more personality and life to your kitchen with a simple coat of paint. You’ll want to follow kitchen painting tips so you don’t give up halfway through, but even painting one wall will make the space more comforting.

Brighten the Small Things

Our last tip is pretty simple: Look at the small things and add color to them. Bland light fixtures can change to colorful fixtures. Cupboard hardware can become special, colorful pieces. Look at the small things, and consider how transforming those will lead to a brighter kitchen.

Written by Richard Agama


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