Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Restaurant

October 12, 2021
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Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Restaurant

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Being proactive with your cleaning methods will keep your eatery from becoming a kitchen nightmare. Consider these cleaning tips and tricks for your restaurant when ensuring the safety of everyone in the establishment.

Scrub Cooking Surfaces

You’ll end up using a variety of appliances at a restaurant, so cleaning their surfaces effectively is crucial to guarantee safety. The best practice is to clean the device after each use. If you don’t consistently eliminate waste as the day goes on, it will be even harder to scrub because of the excess buildup of grease and other food particles.

Disinfect the Prep Area Fully

While you may properly clean a preparation station by eliminating all the remaining food scraps, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s free of germs and bacteria. With the appropriate disinfecting methods, you will kill all the organisms that develop throughout the day and prevent them from spreading.

Maintain the Beverage Station

Aside from telling a customer you only have Diet Pepsi when they want a Diet Coke, one of the most stressful situations you can be in is when you need to inform them that your beverage dispenser is out of order. To properly maintain your beverage station, you must remove the nozzles, clean them with a special brush, and wipe down the surfaces of the machine. You’ll also need to make sure you’re preserving your ice maker because these machines can develop mold and other slimy discharge over time.

Wash Towels & Rags

Plenty of spills happen throughout the day, so it’s common to go for the closest rag to wipe it up. However, this makes for the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Separating and washing the cloths every night on high heat will successfully remove germs, preventing mildew and stink from developing.

Sweep & Mop

Preventing injuries to either customers or coworkers is the main reason you should clean the floors, but it also just makes the restaurant look better. Sticky and dirty floors are a sight for sore eyes, so daily sweeping and mopping need to be a part of your routine.

Running a restaurant can be hectic, which is why we might overlook some of these tasks. Nevertheless, knowing the best cleaning tips and tricks for your restaurant will keep things running smoothly.

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