A Foodie’s Guide to the Healthiest Seafood Options

August 4, 2021
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Around 56% of Americans eat seafood twice a month, which shows it’s a popular choice.

Seafood is renowned for being nutrient-rich and delicious, perfect for elevating your mid-week meals. Perhaps you’ve always loved seafood, but you’re not sure whether a particular type is more healthy for you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are the healthiest seafood options to try today.   


One of the best seafood options for a diet is salmon, thanks to its protein-packed nature. If you can, enjoy a dish of wild Alaskan salmon as experts follow strict quotas and guarantee that the fish thrives in high-quality waters. 

Another popular option is freshwater coho salmon which are farmed. Many fish farms pump their livestock with antibiotics and cram fish into tiny tanks, making them rife with disease. But concho is raised in roomy pens and requires less feed which means they are better for the environment. 


Cod has a reputation for being unhealthy seafood, but that’s only when it’s battered. This variety is a fantastic source of vitamin B-12 and niacin, which lowers your cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Plus, cod is versatile with cooking. For instance, you could whip up a parsley-crusted cod with a side of kale for a healthy dinner.  

Rainbow Trout

If you’re after low-calorie seafood, then rainbow trout is for you. Note that the wild rainbow troat is riddled with contaminants, so choose farmed varieties instead.

Further, rainbow trout contains selenium, a crucial mineral and promotes good brain function. It also reduces the risk of cancer, so consider adding this to your diet. And rainbow trout is phosphorus-rich, which strengthens your teeth and bones. 

To enjoy this delicious fish, bake it in the oven and season it with black pepper and garlic, a perfect summertime dish. 


One of the best healthy seafood options is sardines, as it’s an oily fish. It contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and reduces inflammation as sardines contain EPA and DHA. This fish is also an excellent source of vitamin B 12, vitamin D, and calcium. 

You needn’t be a cooking enthusiast either, as a can of sardines is more healthy than other varieties. This is because it contains the whole fish, skin, and bones, though dissolved. If that’s not to your taste, whack sardines on the BBQ and enjoy them grilled. 


Those who want to reap the health benefits of seafood should try scallops. A dish of steamed scallops is zinc-rich, which improves your memory and helps balance hormones. They also contain magnesium, which boosts heart health and lowers your blood pressure, perfecting hypertension. 

You should also add scallops to your diet if you’re on a weight loss journey. Because scallops are protein-rich, it keeps you full for longer and boosts your metabolism. Scallops are best seared or steamed with a side of your favorite veggies.   


When it comes to tuna, you must be mindful of what you pick. For instance, yellow varieties contain high levels of mercury, whereas bluefin tuna is endangered. 

To play it safe, choose albacore tuna, which is often canned. If you want fresh tuna, then find one that’s glossy and has clear eyes, a telltale sign that it’s good to eat. This is easy to cook; simply sear it over high heat for delicious results.  


Want to know the health benefits of lobster? This shellfish is a great source of vitamins and contains essential minerals like zinc and phosphorus. 

Lobster is popular as it fights against thyroid disease and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. You can boil or steam lobster and have it with pasta or even as a sandwich filler for lunch.  


Farmed oysters contain omega-3 fatty acids and your daily recommended amount of iron. They’re also fantastic for the environment as they live off the ocean’s natural nutrients and algae. To enjoy this delicacy, marinate each one in chili and ginger for an Asian-style dish. 


Herring, a Nordic staple, has a higher omega-3 content than trout and sardines. It’s also packed with vitamin D and selenium, making it a go-to fish. You can find herring canned, smoked, or cured, depending on your preference. 


Otherwise known as calamari, squid is a popular seafood option around the globe. Squid has high protein content, contains iron and vitamin C. It’s also great for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding. 

You can either enjoy squid by throwing it on the grill or in a risotto. Or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, whip up a squid ink pasta for a unique culinary experience. 


Those who love oily fish should add mackerel to the menu. Aside from omega-3, mackerel contains a huge amount of vitamin B12 and other essential minerals.

A major bonus is this fish is affordable, especially compared to varieties like salmon. But, it’s important to note that you should avoid king or Spanish mackerel as these can contain high levels of heavy metal. 

You can bake this delicious fish or transform it into a pâté that you can slather over your morning toast. 

Our Healthiest Seafood Options

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll now try these healthiest seafood options. 

Those who want protein-packed seafood should add mackerel, lobster, and sardines to their diet. You should also enjoy less common delicacies like squid or oysters for a well-balanced diet. Happy cooking!

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