5 Tasty Treats To Send Friends on Their Birthday

June 21, 2021
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5 Tasty Treats To Send Friends on Their Birthday

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Everybody loves sweet treats to celebrate, but cake doesn’t have a monopoly on birthdays. You have a multitude of options to send to a special someone on their special day. Whether you choose to make the desserts yourself or leave the baking to a professional, you have a few dessert options to send as a gift.

Explore these five tasty treats to send friends on their birthday to give them something unexpected!


Cookies are a universally loved dessert. With dozens of flavor combinations, you’ll have no problem finding a cookie that fits your friend’s tastes. Go for the traditional, such as chocolate chip or sugar, or be unique and find specialized cookies. For example, giant vegan cookies are perfect for a vegan friend who wants to celebrate with a decadent dessert.

If you’re feeling ambitious, bake and ship cookies yourself. Here are some tips on protecting cookies during shipment:

  • Be sure the cookies have cooled completely.
  • Place two cookies back-to-back like a sandwich, and wrap them in plastic wrap.
  • Settle the wrapped cookies into a container like a tin or Tupperware.
  • Pack the container with tissue paper, newspaper, or packing peanuts.
  • Place the tin into a shipping box and surround it with more packaging material.

Chocolate-Covered Anything

Chocolate-covered strawberries are another great gift option—as well as chocolate-covered anything. Chocolate-covered bacon is another fun option to send a friend who enjoys a salty and sweet flavor combination. Check out these other ideas for DIY chocolate-covered treat inspiration:

  • Marshmallows
  • Potato chips
  • Apples or citrus segments
  • Peanut Butter Crackers

A Basket of Their Favorite Candies

Assembling a basket of their favorite candies is a great option for homemade gifts if you’re not much of a baker. Collect their favorite candies at a local store, then throw them in a gift bag with a card for an easy but sweet gift. You can also find online delivery services for something more elegant.

Custom Birthday Cake

What would a birthday be without a cake? Create and ship your own if you’re feeling ambitious. Make sure to freeze the cake before shipping. Include an ice pack to keep it cool, and choose overnight shipping.

There are also many online cake delivery services. Personalize the cake with a message or even a photo of you and your friend!


Start your friend’s birthday right by arranging donuts to greet them in the morning! Order locally with a food delivery service.

Any of these five tasty treats to send friends on their birthday is a great way to show someone special that you care!

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