5 Foods That Are Bad for Your Health

July 20, 2021
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5 Foods That Are Bad for Your Health

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You don’t have to undertake a massive diet change to improve your lifestyle and keep your body healthy. If you want to be more conscious of what you eat, learn about the five foods that are bad for your health here. These simply aren’t worth their weight in junk.


The fact that pizza is unhealthy might be a heartbreaker for some, considering it’s one of the most popular junk foods in the world. But eating lots of pizza is bad for you. And we mean worse than you think. Many pizza chains use highly refined dough and heavily processed meat. This adds up to a hefty number of calories that can significantly harm the body. Next time you crave pizza, try making it yourself at home using healthier and more natural ingredients that won’t take such a toll on you.

White Bread

Since white bread is so plain and simple, it might surprise you that this is among the list of foods that are bad for your health. Unfortunately, most commercial white bread products also undergo extensive processing with refined wheat. As a result, they’re low in essential nutrients and often full of added sugars.


Donuts are especially dangerous since they’re lurking around the corner first thing in the morning. They may seem like nice treats, but you should consider that donuts are practically small cakes. In fact, donuts are infamous for containing the trinity of unhealthy ingredients – trans fats, sugar, and refined flour. The worst part is that they’re delicious, but don’t do much to satiate your appetite. So, they tempt you to have another donut or three.

Fruit Juices

While they’re technically beverages, it’s important to include fruit juices on the list because, like white bread, they can be deceptively unhealthy. Since fruits are healthy, people incorrectly assume that fruit juice must also be healthy. Unfortunately, fruit juices contain an incredible amount of added sugar–often as much as you would find in soda. This, unfortunately, outweighs any beneficial nutrients it might have, such as antioxidants or vitamin C.

French Fries

French fries usually have loads of salt, and sometimes, they even have sugar. The frying process also turns nutritious potatoes into something truly horrific for your health. French fries, and by extension potato chips, contain high concentrations of calories and are extremely easy to eat in excess because of how small they are. How often have you found yourself snacking despite not even feeling all that hungry? French fries practically prey on that concept. So, endeavor to avoid them at all costs.

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