4 Healthy Foods To Help Seniors With Aging Joints

May 24, 2022
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4 Healthy Foods To Help Seniors With Aging Joints

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The human body begins to slow down in performance as you grow older, both in how you move and how your muscles work. Your joints constantly need nutrients and care to ensure they work well as you become a senior. Luckily, certain foods will help with the process of keeping your joints healthy and durable.

Cooking Oil

Certain oils, such as canola oil or vegetable oil, help with the lubrication of joints, decreasing the chances of having joints grinding against each other and suffering more damage over time. Also, oils are a good source of anti-inflammatory nutrients to prevent inflammation in the muscles surrounding the joint, allowing you to move your body under less strain.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants that will help prevent inflammation; it also has a delectable taste that goes well with other foods. Eating a handful of dark chocolate chips is enough to feel the effects and leave your joints feeling better. Pairing dark chocolate with fruit, such as pomegranate, will double the impact of the antioxidants.

Coldwater Fish

Fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines are some of the top healthy foods that help with joints. These fish have fatty acids that will give the body higher energy reserves and protein to increase the strength of the joint. Serve these fish with garnishes and a nice salad to have a well-rounded nutritional meal.


Many vegetables help with different body parts, so they are some of the top healthy foods that help with aging joints. For example, root vegetables, such as carrots or potatoes, offer anti-inflammatory nutrients and fiber for lowering cholesterol or balancing blood sugar, which are common necessities for seniors and older adults with arthritis or diabetes.

As we age, it may become more challenging to stay active and perform activities like going to the store to buy vegetables. For seniors, vegetable gardening will act as an excellent resource for your vegetable acquisition and is a great activity to do this spring for your health. You have the freedom to grow anything you want and have a daily project to do that will keep you active and, eventually, give you nutrients.


Different types of beans offer antioxidants to combat disease and give the body protein to help with swelling and inflammation. Making a bean salad with red beans, kidney beans, and lima beans will make a great dish that boosts antioxidants to prevent free radicals from spreading through the body and potentially causing cancer. Beans are easily accessible, so they are an excellent resource for your joint health that is readily available.

Eating healthy foods will help your physical health and sustain your body. When you eat specific foods, such as those listed above, you will have healthier joints and feel more flexible.

Bonus tip: Add 10-20g of a grass-fed collagen supplement for extra support for healthy joints.”

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