10 Simple Groceries Every Apartment Needs

April 21, 2022
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10 Simple Groceries Every Apartment Needs

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The lifestyle of renting an apartment comes with multiple benefits and responsibilities, such as having the opportunity to shop for whatever foods you want. Several items on the shelves could end up in your cart, but these staple items will stand the test of time and help you cook a more fulfilling meal.


Flour is in every grocery store, and this item is in most foods with a doughy consistency, such as baked goods. Many ingredients that require a liquid to thicken will call for flour as the binding ingredient as well.


Sugar is a primary ingredient in most foods that we consume daily, and this ingredient is excellent for improving the flavor of many foods and sauces. Years will go by before sugar loses its nutrition, so keeping it in the cabinet for a while won’t be a problem.


Rice is an important, affordable, and nutritious food source. Rice has plenty of food pairings, allowing you to tackle multiple recipes from the same bag. Rice is another food item that lasts for a long time, and given its nutritious value, it makes for a simple grocery item that every apartment needs.


Many dishes ask for milk in the recipe. Milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein and is essential for breakfast meals like cereal.


Beans are another source of protein that you can easily find at any grocery store, and this commodity is a great side dish for even the most complex dishes. There are multiple variations of beans that come in assorted sizes and flavors to benefit any cuisine (and anyone who eats them)!


Honey is a popular food that enhances flavor and even has specific healing properties; adding honey to warm most drinks will create a unique blend of flavors while soothing a dry or scratchy throat. This food also takes some time to expire, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Canned Food

There are a wide variety of shelf-stable canned foods. Vegetables, fruits, meats, and even sauces come in a can and last for years while unopened. These foods are a handy item to keep in the kitchen for a quick meal, and they make it easier to share a living space, as canned foods don’t take up the limited room in your apartment’s fridge.


Salt is another one of the ten simple groceries every apartment needs. Salt is excellent for virtually any meal, adding flavor and moisture absorption.


Every cooked meal should implement some form of seasoning to improve its flavor. There are numerous seasonings to use in your cooking, so try to keep plenty of options in your kitchen.


Butter is a great way to improve the taste and consistency of food. Using butter on a stove or in a saucepan will lubricate the bottom so food won’t brown too quickly.

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