10 Important Questions To Ask Before Trying Kratom

November 2, 2022
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Wrapped in a bit of controversy but offering users many possible benefits, kratom is becoming more and more popular. If it’s something you’re considering you’re joining a very enthusiastic following. Does that mean you can simply join the crowd?

As with anything in life, it’s smart to do your homework. Rather make sure what you’re placing in your body is safe as possible AND will get you the results you’re after.

What’s more, by asking the following few questions before you use kratom, you’ll get the best value for money.

Which Kratom do You Need?

The first thing you should probably consider is the fact that there are main strains of kratom and each has a unique impact on your body. They’re divided according to the color of the veins on the leaves:

– Red, which is popular for pain relief

– Green, which can energize or relax based on dosage

– White, which is a great stimulator

Furthermore, you’ll notice different places mentioned such as Green Malay. This refers to where the kratom plants originate from and is a further clue about possible strength and outcomes. Ask your kratom supplier for advice if you’re not sure what to use.

What Dosage Do You Need for Your Preferred Outcome?

It’s not only the type of kratom but the amount that determines the effect after you consume it. Most kratom products are known for multiple possible impacts on your body and the dosage may determine how it plays out. For example, a small amount can serve as stimulant but taking a large dosage will lead to a very relaxed feeling.

What Outcome Do You Require?

You need to shop with the end result in mind. Yes, you can experiment and simply see which kratom products you like. But imagine you’re expecting a nice leisurely afternoon of chilling with friends and your kratom dosage puts you into a focused mood, ready to do an entire week’s work in one day. Great that you’re getting stuff done, but you’re missing out on downtime with your crew. So, rather ask about the possible outcomes and take a product and amount that will help you reach your goal for that day.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

Another expectation you need to manage is experiencing possible side effects. Preparing yourself mentally for this can improve your overall experience since what takes place after you consume it won’t be a shock to you. Also, you can plan for the different possible outcomes.

Although each person is unique, some people do experience the following:

– Trouble with breathing

– Nausea

– Mood change

Where Does the Kratom Come From?

Buying any product these days, it’s the wise and responsible thing to do to research the origins. You shouldn’t be spending money on items that are manufactured in ways that exploit people, harm nature or deplete natural resources.

So, in light of kratom, request feedback from your supplier about where they source the kratom from. This will also ensure you use pure products that won’t cause harm to your body.

What Will You Find Palatable?

Kratom powder is popular and even if it’s not the tastiest product, adding it to liquid such as orange juice can make it more palatable. But some people simply don’t like the texture of the powder and would much rather take kratom capsules.

Because you may not know your own preferences beforehand, rather order smaller amounts of different strains in different formats – powder and capsules – so you can try it all. It prevents you wasting money on products you won’t enjoy using.

Is it Legal to Use Where You are?

Always check the local legislation in terms of kratom purchasing and usage, so you don’t clash with the law. It may be legal in your home state but it doesn’t mean you can simply use it when traveling elsewhere.

Currently, it’s legal to use kratom in most US states but remember it usually applies only to people 18 years or older. And laws change from time to time, so what’s the latest?

Are You Taking Other Medications?

It’s also important to ensure safety, especially when you’re already using other medications. Some kratom users have used it as part of their treatment but there is the possibility of kratom clashing with existing, doctor prescribed medications. This could prevent the desired outcome and affect your health negatively. Therefore, if you’re taking anything prescribed by your physician, research if it’s safe to add kratom to the mix or ask your doctor for guidance.

What Will You Be Doing After Taking the Kratom Dosage?

You may be looking forward to being a little carefree and relaxed thanks to quality kratom. But that’s not ideal when you need to take on a responsibility like driving in heavy traffic or using heavy machinery at work. Your judgment could be impaired. Even if you’re just attending a work meeting, extreme relaxation could affect how you respond to your boss’ question.

This is why it’s important to time your kratom usage well – along with the dosage – and make sure that when the effects kick in you’re not causing unnecessary risks to yourself or others.

How Much Do You Weigh?

When you need to work out how much kratom to use, don’t only take what your friends are taking. If you weigh much less than they do, you may have to adjust the dosage to suit your body weight – if you want a similar outcome.

Final Thoughts

You can have as much fun with kratom as you’ve heard others are. You can even reap benefits ranging from being less anxious at work to finally relieving an opioid addiction. That’s the power of kratom.

But it does require responsible usage and some research.

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