The Rise of Chef Brenda Gantt Cooking with Love and Faith

August 4, 2023
2 mins read

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Key Takeaways

  • Brenda Gantt is a popular chef known for her homemade recipes.
  • She gained fame during the COVID-19 pandemic through her viral cooking videos.
  • Her second cookbook, “Linger Around The Table Y’all,” offers a collection of her favorite recipes.
  • Some of her popular recipes include Hill Top Smoke House Sausage, Buttermilk Biscuits, Onion Casserole, and Cheesecake.
  • Brenda Gantt believes in cooking with love and faith.


Brenda Gantt is a renowned chef who has captured the hearts and taste buds of many with her delicious homemade recipes. Her passion for cooking and her warm personality have made her a beloved figure in the culinary world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brenda’s cooking videos became a source of comfort and inspiration for people around the world. Her down-to-earth approach and mouthwatering dishes quickly gained her a loyal following on social media platforms, particularly Facebook.

The Rise to Fame

Brenda Gantt’s journey to fame began when she started sharing her cooking videos on Facebook. Her videos showcased her love for traditional Southern cuisine and her unique twist on classic recipes. People were drawn to her warm and inviting personality, as well as her mouthwatering dishes. As her videos gained traction, Brenda’s popularity soared, and she soon found herself in the spotlight. She appeared on national TV shows, such as “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show,” where she shared her cooking tips and showcased her signature dishes.

Sharing Her Recipes

One of the reasons Brenda Gantt’s recipes have become so popular is because of their simplicity and accessibility. She believes in using ingredients that are readily available and easy to find. Her recipes are perfect for home cooks who want to create delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen. From her famous Hill Top Smoke House Sausage to her mouthwatering Buttermilk Biscuits, Brenda’s recipes are loved by both experienced cooks and beginners alike. Her second cookbook, “Linger Around The Table Y’all,” is a treasure trove of her favorite recipes, offering a wide range of dishes suitable for any occasion.

Cooking with Love and Faith

Brenda Gantt’s cooking philosophy revolves around two key principles: love and faith. She believes that cooking is an act of love and that the food we prepare should nourish not only our bodies but also our souls. Brenda infuses her dishes with love and care, and this is evident in every bite. She also believes in the power of faith and often shares inspirational messages with her followers. For Brenda, cooking is not just about the food; it’s about creating a sense of community and bringing people together around the table.

Continuing the Legacy

Brenda Gantt’s impact on the culinary world goes beyond her viral videos and cookbooks. She has inspired a new generation of home cooks to embrace their love for cooking and to share their creations with others. Her warm and inviting personality has made her a role model for many, and her recipes continue to be passed down from generation to generation. Brenda’s legacy is not just about the food; it’s about the joy and love that she brings to every meal.

Passing Down Family Recipes

One of the things that sets Brenda Gantt apart is her commitment to preserving family recipes. She believes that food is a way to connect with our roots and honor our heritage. Brenda has made it her mission to document and share her family’s recipes, ensuring that they are not lost to time. By passing down these recipes, Brenda is keeping her family’s traditions alive and allowing others to experience the same joy and nostalgia that she feels when cooking these dishes.


Brenda Gantt’s journey from a home cook to a culinary sensation is a testament to the power of passion and authenticity. Her love for cooking and her warm personality have endeared her to millions of people around the world. Through her viral videos and cookbooks, Brenda has inspired countless individuals to embrace their love for cooking and to create delicious meals for their loved ones. Her recipes, infused with love and faith, continue to bring joy and comfort to people’s lives. Brenda Gantt’s legacy will undoubtedly live on, as her recipes and cooking philosophy continue to be cherished by generations to come.

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