Drink Review: Windsor Canadian Whisky

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Windsor is a long running Canadian whisky brand often exported to the USA. Easy drinking, as demonstrated by its old Mountie laden advertising campaigns – The smooth Canadian.

Windsor Whiskey Review:

Nose: Sweet and malty with a hint of smoke. There’s a savoury creaminess at the centre of it all which isn’t unpleasant.

Tasting: Smooth, sweet, and warming. The flavours are similar to a Ryvita. There’s a nutty creaminess, and some hint of smoked wood.

Finish: A smooth and sweet, malty finish.

Windsor Whiskey Review 1:

Mouth: Smooth and sweet. Creamy taffy. Everyone drinks Canadian whisky because it’s smooth.

A very palatable drink – it’s tough to rate it negatively and it’s definitely worth a drink.

Nose: Fruity-herbal with a hint of smoke. Comes across as candied fruit pieces. Green and savoury notes come through as well.

Tasting: Sweet and warming malty with apple and pear flavouring. Tough to describe and something of a whisky connoisseur’s delight.

Finish: Sweet and savoury. Fruity, with honeyed notes with glimmers of a kind of peat smoke.

Definitely deserving of a place on the list.Big, smooth, and a big manly manly drinking at heart.

Windsor Whiskey Review 2:

Nose: Fruity with a trace of anise. Slight tarry note but far from unpleasant.

Tasting: Fruity with a warming woody undertone. The herby after taste and floral notes are unexpected but I’m not complaining.

Finish: Malty with a warming tannin note.

A very complex drink which defies description. The tannin and sherry finish is what’s probably causing the cloying aftertaste, but that’s as close as I can get to describing it. Try it and see what you think.

Windsor Whiskey Review 3:

Nose: Sweet. Herby and nutty. Some hint of mint and sweet pineapple.

Tasting: Sweet, coats the mouth but quite rough in texture.

Finish: Some light smoky notes delight the nose every now and again.

Windsor Whiskey Review 4:

Nose: Sweet and malty upfront. Ciders and apples.

Tasting: Sweet and malty upfront with a hint of spice. Shoe polish and leather.

Finish: Malty and drying with the occasional hint of peat smoke.

Windsor Whiskey Review 5:

Nose: Sweet and malty. A touch of smoke. Fresh cut wood.

Tasting: Salty and malty with a hint of pepper.

Finish: Bittersweet malty with smoky notes.

Windsor Whiskey Review 6:

Nose: Sweet and fruit tarts. The sweet, creamy nature of the drink dominates the nose. At the very bottom of the nose, some hint of very light smokiness

Tasting: Sweet and malty with some hint of a peppery heat. Some nuttiness as well.

Finish: A smooth, sweet crescendo.

Windsor Whiskey Review 7:

Nose: Sweet and malty. Lots of spice with a hint of smokiness.

Tasting: Sweet and malty. Spice and a tannic heat from the wood.

Finish: Smooth, sweet, and malty.

The smooth Canadian.

Come could I not include this one? Seriously I’m not joking, it’s a quality product. Perfumed with a unique touch of wood and pine. The aroma warms the mouth and makes the whisky easy to sip.

A fine Canadian whisky for sipping.Great for all occasions.

Windsor Whiskey Review 8:

Nose: Baked apple and cooked peaches. Caramel and toffee.

Tasting: Sweet and malty with a warm toffee centre. It brings to mind Creme Brule.

Finish: Long and warming.

Very good. Some caramel, sweet and smooth. The nose is the best part of the drink. This is an excellent whisky and definitely worth a try. Read more about it here.

All in all a very drinkable whisky. Overall I would say this is a day in the life of a Canadian boy growing up in the roaring 20’s(but very much alive and kicking in the 21st century). I’m a big man and Windsor the biggest man I’ve ever tasted.

Windsor Whiskey Review 9:

Nose: Fruity and smooth. Sweet and malty but not tasty. Slightly green and nutty.You can smell it from 20 yards away. The aroma is sweet and creamy.

Tasting: Sweet and malty with aniseed. Round, with an underlying tropical fruitiness

Finish: Smooth and warming

Very sweet.

The finish is surprisingly sweet and a distinct improvement on the nose. It’s quite nice although I wouldn’t look to a Canadian for picking up a girl.

Windsor Whiskey Review 10:

Nose: Very creamy. Sweet and a touch of nuttiness.Lightly smoky at the end.

Tasting: Rich and creamy. This is no watered-down liquor. The sweetness and nose really overpower the smokiness. Very sweet and smooth.

Finish: Sweet and smooth

A very good whisky. The sweetness is offset by the smoky flavours but still manages to make this a pleasant whiskey.

There were very few bad whiskies. High quality whisky from a reputable distillery. If you like peaty whisky or less sweet whisky this could be for you.

I would not acquire anything outside the price range. The high quality can be acted like gold.

The Drinks Report meets the Canadian Whisky!

Written by Mark Adams


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