Drink Review: Windsor Canadian Whisky

November 23, 2020
3 mins read

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Windsor is a long running Canadian whisky brand often exported to the USA. Easy drinking, as demonstrated by its old Mountie laden adverticustom made basketball jerseys pigiama sanitario estivo westie nyaklánc nike re issues byxor och tröja jomos instapper Belgium gant seabrook jayden daniels lsu jersey poncho zalando grand panier en osier plage Belgium balenciaga day pink adidas euro club herren basketball poncho zalando modele gratuit pull femme top down poncho zalando steakpfanne Austria sing campaigns – The smooth Canadian.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review:

Nose: Sweet and crisp with some candied orange peels and plenty of vanilla.

Taste: Medium bodied, fairly sweet, toffee and a mellow corn character.

Finish: Light and well rounded with more of the same vanilla notes as the nose.

Overall: A nicely balanced and approachable easy drinking whisky with a rich vanilla character.

Conclusion: A very nice example of a Canadian whiskey. Well done Windsor. It’s no wonder the Canadian whisky industry is so big.

Rating: 85/100

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

It is very good in taste !!! I like it and I think that the price is fair for such a quality alcohol !!! A whisky which is enjoyable from the first sip. Very smooth and light in taste, not too sweet. I think that is a good price for such a good product. The bottle is beautiful and I like the design of the bottle.I love this whisky and I think that is a perfect match for the taste of aromas, you can taste the sweetness of the Canadian ice. Overall, this whisky works well and I will buy it again.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

I can recommend Windsor Canadian Whiskey. Very good possibility for everyone. !!!!

Is this whisky worth trying?: If you like Canadian whiskys, this might be one you will find appealing.

Pairing: Windsor Canadian Whisky with sushi for light, easy drinking.

This one was very smooth and tasty on tap as well as neat. Lots of taste and I really enjoyed it. It has a nice rich vanilla flavor to it that I have not found in many whiskys.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

A really good whisky that you can enjoy on its own if you want but it’s also great in cocktails. This was a very pleasant drinking whisky. Good balance between sweet and dry and the after taste was sweet caramel. A nice Vanila taste.

Very sweet & tasty on the palate. Good body & after taste. I would recommend this to anyone. I like straight whiskey. A little strong on the nose, still good in taste. If you like whiskey, I’d recommend it.

I would recommend Windsor Canadian Whiskey to lovers of Canadian whisky or whiskey.The taste is pleasant. It is a very smooth whisky. This whisky is an excellent product for all peolple. I give it 4 stars because it is a very good product.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

It’s a whisky that you would recommend to friends and family. It is a good product with a very good after taste.

I couldn’t tell that it was less expensive than the other one theirs. It has a strong taste. I like it.

I love it! The color and the look is perfect! Thank youh!

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

Probably the best tasting Canadian Whiskey. It gives a mellow taste. I love this product.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

A very good product. So far the best Canadian Whiskey I have tasted. Very nice taste.

A very good quality product. Nice flavour and excellent presentation. Given a very high mark of 4 stars.

Windsor Whiskey is a good product. the colour is more darker than it seems in the picture, but it does not change the taste of the whisky. I recommend it.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

Good whiskey, very smooth and pleasant. I am completely satisfied. I would recommend this product to anyone.

It is a very good product. A sweet taste. Very good price-quality ratio. I recommend!

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

I’ve had not very good experience with Canadian Whiskey so far, but with this one was different. It is quite good and it has a very pleasant aroma and taste. I would recommend it!!!

An excellent blend. It is very nice on the nose and on the tongue. I would recommend it.

This one is very nice. It has a nice, sweet aroma. I would recommend it.

I give this 4 stars because it is a very good product.

This one is a pleasant whisky. I recommend this product to everyone.

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