Drink Review: Famous Grouse Smoky Black

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Famous Grouse Smoky Black was renamed from Black Grouse at the end of 2015. This blend is based on peated Islay malts, and offers ‘reassuring smoothness with aromatic, peaty flavours’.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:


Smoky Black is an odd blend that offers savoury aromas that are more of a smoky, meaty flavour. It is then topped off with something sweet, rich, and buttery.

The mixing of the malt and grain whisky create a smooth, yet austere smoky aroma that is not as well-rounded, but it does lean towards the flavours that it’s a combination of.

The sweetness and butteriness come from either the grain whisky and/or the whisky finishing casks that were used.


Perfect, savoury peat. Just the right level of sweetness.

Smoky Black is a straight whisky for the most part, with the one exception being some mineral notes. I detected hints of vinegar and leather in this whisky which bring out some spice notes.

On the palate, Smoky Black is smooth, rich, and sweet. I detected a warming and smooth sensation that was just right. It tingles the palate and offers a sensual entrance for the whisky.


On the finish of Smoky Black, there is a lingering period of smoky peat and a warming sensation. There is a beautiful mellow flavour that lingers on the tip of the tongue and offers a soothing end to this whisky.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

Famous Grouse Smoky Black is a good whisky that lives up to its name. It is savoury and smoky with very smooth finish. The Full Proof version can be found on a fair number of retail shelves and it’s an affordable offering from the popular whisky making company.

It is very good in taste , I like it very much !!!

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

Not being a Scotch drinker, I found Famous Grouse a little underwhelming, but on the other end of the distribution spectrum, my wife loved this!. This is not as full-bodied as I expected, but a good everyday dram.

Its great. Smooth, peaty and a little sweet.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

Famous Grouse Smoky Black is a very nice whisky. It is enjoyable and has a good flavor and bouquet. It can easily replace any standard blended malt. A very smooth experience.

It’s smooth, I don’t really like it it’s just ok but it’s ok. But it’s ok because it’s cheap and it’s smooth and not as peaty as some. It’s not that good for someone who actually enjoys scotch cuz it’s not as peaty as some scotches.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

A nice whisky, so far my favourite. Love the hint of smoke that seems to be part of the taste.

A nice, very smooth whisky. I liked it very much. Its taste changed many times. In the beginning it was nice, but I was not that impressed when the taste was not so nice. But after that, when the taste changed again, I was very happy. Just amazing.

Nothing. It is average. Could not really tell the difference between this and other scotch blends. Unusual but not great. If you want to drink a smooth whisky with a unique taste, you can do worse.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

The flavor was balanced, with mild peat and a touch of sweetness. I imagine this would be great with smoked salmon or game. Don’t be put off by the velvety texture when you first open the bottle. I was and it just took me a little time to adjust to it. To be honest, I expected a bit more from Famous Grouse, but that’s my own fault. Your mileage may vary with this one.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black blend for those who like the smoky taste but not too much of it. Or, a smoke lover who is looking for something milder than might typically find in a blend.

Famous Grouse is a tasty blend of Scotch Blended Malt and grain whisky. Good quality whisky at a very low price, with a good sense of sharp sweet on the nose. Drink neat or with ice and/or water.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

A friend of mine recently bought a bottle of this Malt and I thought I would see if it was worthy of its reputation. Kind of caught me off guard, but I found myself enjoying the pleasant smoothness of the whisky. Wouldn’t rank it a must get, but a good product.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black is good for mixing with diet-type drinks like that orange juice stuff or those fruit-flavoured soft drinks. Probably not as much fun mixed with crisps and stuff like that.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

I would say that it’s smooth and just the right amount of peaty flavor. I would also say that I like it more than prior Famous Grouse blends that I have had.

This tastes very smooth on my palate. The flavors changed overtime and it never i never got boring. It was definitely one of those no fuss whiskies with a pleasant flavor.

This is a very good blended scotch. I especially enjoyed it at this time of year. It has a smooth, sweet flavor. Lovely!

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

Yum. I really enjoy this one. It’s smooth and has a good taste.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

I like this one, a good blend that is easy to drink.

A good start to the night. Sometimes we don’t have the best night’s sleep. I drink a lot of whisky and this has a smooth ‘smokey’ taste. Folicious.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Review:

A good one. A good enjoyable drink. I have tried couple other Famous Grouse blends and really liked them. This one is good.

A good blend of scotch blended malt and grain whisky. It could be harsher for those who do not enjoy a smoky taste but it’s a very pleasant sweet beverage, I’d certainly have another if I had one!

Written by Mark Adams


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