Drink Review: Cutty Sark Prohibition

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A small-batch edition of Cutty Sark, Prohibition celebrates the fact the brand was smuggled into America in the 1920s by Captain William McCoy. This is bottled at 50% and is presented in a black glass bottle with a cork seal, which was typical of bottles during the era.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Review:


It’s orange and oily with some concentrated aspects and fruits. It’s three dimensional and has a cohesive quality. Minimal notes of herbs and vanilla and some feel of a strawberry, which predominate.


Dense mouth feel with some wood-like note and toffee. The citrus and notes of the nose, from kumquats and oranges to strawberries, and wood are really well developed. The build is quite varied with notes of some strawberry, kumquat and some musk.


Ambling and flavourful. This is big and intense with some good balance to it. There’s a good idea of the wood and citrus that predominate the palate, though wood dominates it.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Review:

It’s rich and complex, when it’s allowed to breathe and reveal itself.

These notes could apply to the Cutty Sark Prohibition edition, although, the balance is more even in the presentation and overall it’s more extreme, bold and three dimensional.

There are more elements here and more ideas present. Some of them are quite complex and sexy.

This is a good example of use of alcohol and flavours and complexity.

To some, it might be simple but there’s a lot going on.

When I taste it I don’t consider it an everyday spirit. It’s complex, full-bodied and has a strong personality that’s quite exciting, while retaining a smooth whisky character.

Whether or not I’d consider it for an everyday dram is debatable.

I’d certainly look forward to drinkig it again.

Nose 88/100

Palate 91/100

Finish 88/100

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Review: 

Balance of flavours and quality level

It’s an intriguing whisky and worth sitting down for a few minutes, looking at all the aromas, notes and flavours first of all.

It’s well-rounded though complex with a strong personality and presence.

It’s well balanced, with depth and a consistent flavour, but this has a lot of character.

Its character is one of a kind and it’s not for everyone. It’s complex, well-balanced and rich in character.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Review: 

It shows how great the Cutty Sark can be when it’s allowed to express itself fully.

This was a very interesting whisky and it’s a testament to Diageo and their popularity today that they gave a bottle of this to someone.

It’s quite an extraordinary whisky, which is quite dense as well. Its balance is very high, with intensity but also depth.

I’d be a little cautious with this spirit. A little too much savoury and oily aspects scale it too high.

It’s assertive and it has a lot of character and complexity.

Its balance and quality level are both high too.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Review: 

The Cutty Sark Prohibition edition isn’t a common dram, though, it’s a rich and complex single cask, which exhibits a lot of character and depth and has a distinctive personality as well.

It has a nice character all around

From the nose and palate to the finish, it’s a well-rounded whisky for a Kiwi.


Fresh and fruity without any sharpness. Fresh grassy notes and nutrients and a layer of polish. There goes the apple and pear and then a layer of fresh cream. The fruit is very light and dimension and light. It’s ideal expression.


You can feel the character of the wine, the freshness and the polish. The apple is in there, but it’s all light and crisp. It’s long and well-rounded, though it’s not vey clean and bright. It’s very nice and it has a really nice balance. It has a little bit of funk to it, which is all light too. It’s comforting and quite nice.


It’s clean and clean. This wine is really well-rounded, well-developed and it’s well balanced. Just as the palate is it has a good finish that’s clean and crisp, with hints of citrus.

Champagne & Cider Review:

I really like it and it’s just as clean as its plain Champagne.

It’s light, crisp and clean with a good mix of flavors and a good finish.

So, it’s just a good, clean Champagne that’s ideal for mixing and drinking.

It’s very simple and it’s very elegant. It’s light-bodied and crisp and is well-balanced. It’s well-rounded all round.

For a cask strength cider, it’s very drinkable. It doesn’t have much aside from a fruit character, but it’s very clean.

It’s strong and it’s well-rounded and flavorful too.

Written by Mark Adams


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