Drink Review: Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Cognac

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Eye-catching packaged in a stylish contemporary bottle, Courvoisier Exclusif is an upmarket cognac aged longer than a standard VS and blended to work well in cocktails.

Courvoisier Exclusif Review:

It is very good in taste, iced, and on the rocks. As a mixer it can be a good replacement for cognac and better than a coke or other mixer. I would recommend it for those who enjoy cognac.


Nose: On the nose, Courvoisier Exclusif is a complex aroma that is bright and opulent. The aroma jumps out of the glass, offering up more than just an expected cognac aroma, but more herbal notes. You get a nice floral note with a nutty undertone, as if you’re sipping a fine cognac from glass container. It is a floral cognac.

Palate: Rich, peppery and herbal, albeit balanced and creamy. The gentle smokiness on the back palate is a pleasant surprise, highlighting the cognac’s ability to be added to cocktails in addition to being sipped on its own.

Finish: Long. This is a cognac that is robust enough to be sipped on the rocks and layered in cocktails. It has a leafy note all the way through with a peppery and astringent finish.

Courvoisier Exclusif Review 1:

This is a very good cognac. If you like cognac, you will like this. I also like the fact that it is as good as cognac on the rocks and will mix well in a cocktail.

– Rob Jackson

Drink Review Score: 83/100

This is a great Cognac. It was very recommended by a friend. The bottle is very pretty and looks good in the glass, like a fine cognac should. I don’t necessarily mix it in a cocktail with my XO cognac but it is a nice addition. I also drink it like it was going out of style. I like it as a cocktail by itself and even when I am having a glass of cognac with friends. I would not say it is as complex as cognac but it is very good in taste.

Drink Review Score: 85/100

Courvoisier Exclusif Review 2:

This is a good quality cognac, and will go well withbourbon and even with brandy. It is an interesting and complex blended cognac and an interesting and unusual Cognac to drink.

I have sampled it before, and I still really like it. It is really smooth and really easy to mix into a cocktail. It tastes really fresh and has a slight citrus note to it. It has a lighter oakiness to it and some pleasant bitter and herbal notes.

I would drink it straight if I was drinking it by itself but if I am serving it in a cocktail I would mix it with an orange liqueur or take a little of the orange liqueur and mix it with it. The orange liqueur would cut the bitterness in the Cognac.If you are a fan of XO you will like this.It is a really nice Cognac.

Drink Review Score: 89/100

Courvoisier Exclusif Review 3:

This is a fantastic cognac by itself. It is a front runner in terms of quality in this hot, dry country over here. I will definitely get more of this.

Excellent! Always a good cognac to have lying around as its quality is superb and the mellowing quality will enhance any blend.

A very good cognac and the bottle is designed really well. It is a good Cognac to have on hand.

I tried this last weekend with my favourite white spirit, Bacardi. Great combination. If I’d had this with any other white spirit I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it as much, but Bacardi and this Cognac go amazingly well together. I’d definitely serve another glass of it, it’s so smooth. I couldn’t really notice the oak, but that’s okay, I prefer the mellow sweetness of Cognac.

Courvoisier Exclusif Review 4:

Picked up a bottle at an event recently, having been trained to always trust my senses and perceptions and always try to enjoy every drink I try. This Cognac is a fantastic, well rounded, traditional cognac with a hint of a smokey note just below its entry. Very good. I’d like to try their VSOP as well, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Bought it in Duty Free in Bush airport a few years ago. It is my second favourite Cognac. Nice flavour, with a very clean, crisp and pleasant, if not profound finish. Also cooks a good a cocktail, and blends well with most liquors. Will definitely buy again when I next need.

Courvoisier Exclusif Review 5:

I absolutely love this stuff. I didn’t particularly expect it to be this good but it was. For me though, the verdict is in. I really do like it. A perfectly balanced, smooth and creamy, fruity cognac.

I am really interested in this one because it is not a “Dry” aged product. It is smooth and pleasant and I would definitely have this if my bar was not full.

Kudos on the addition of in-house wood here. It is subtle, but I can tell there is a dimension to it.

I really like it. The entry and finish are balanced, it is very smooth, and very approachable without being overbearing. The flavors are fresh and tangy, in a good way. Even though it is a cognac, it seems that they have stopped guessing. It is already a Cognac. If anything, it seems to have simplified things.

Courvoisier Exclusif Review 6:

My wife and I sampled it at the bar at their flagship store in Toronto and it was fantastic. A very fine cognac in my opinion.

Though I like cognac in general, this one is really good. It has a smooth, sweet taste. It is also very smooth on the olfactory sense. It also has a creamy mouth feel.

I was served this with a splash of lemon-lime soda. It was fantastic! This is a solid cognac and a great price for a bottle like this.

Smooth and aromatic with the herbal flavors of cognac. It is a good cognac and I recommend it for that fact. It is also smooth. It might be the best cognac out there for a cocktail.

This exclusef cognac is a fantastic choice. It is smooth and tasty and stands out from the rest.

Written by Mark Adams


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