Drink Review: Bastille 1789 Blended

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Bastille Whisky is a French brand from Jean-Marc Daucourt, creator of Jean-Marc Vodka. The blended whisky is made with barley and wheat from north-eastern France and aged in a variety of casks including Limousin oak. Rich and full bodied with notes of orange and pepper.

Bastille Whiskey Review:

The first thing that hits you is light spice and the clove, this gives way for the orange tones that follow. This is delicate and full bodied with a fair tup which is slightly tingly and a good warmth that gives you the sense that you could have something spicy on the side.

The orange is sweet and lightly sparkling with a fresh aftertaste which injects a light tartness back into the mouth. The finish is long with little harshness and sparklings.

Bastille has a softness about it, this could be down to the wheat and barley. However, there is a touch of sweetness running through this whisky with the orange. A softness that makes you want to sip it for ever. Then there is that peppery tingling on the end which makes you feel like you have been in conversation with someone rather than simply drinking a whisky. All round this is light and it is a surprise when the notes change to dry citrus and raisins. This is a Chinese herbal and very pleasant flavouring.

This is a whisky with a twist and this makes it interesting.

This is a sipping whisky to enjoy, therefore it is best enjoyed neat.

The blended whisky has a soft mouth feel and a slightly tingling finish.

Bastille Whiskey Review:

Orange and spices, citrus, pepper, clove and subtle sweetness.

Bastille Whisky: Overall

This is an exciting, quirky and interesting whisky combining orange and spice with a touch of a dry and lingering savour. With some nice complexity in the palate I believe that this is a blended whisky that can be enjoyed neat or over ice. It gives the illusion of sipping a single malt without being heavyweight by blending the one note of grain with a touch of sweetness to make it drinkable.

When you drink whisky in the kitchen you are really drinking it with all those other senses.

You smell the smoke from the wood, hear the pan on the hob and enjoy the crackling of the fire. As well as all this; the aroma gives you a sense of how the whisky is ready to be consumed.

Whisky is a blend of different notes; you can smell and taste the malted barley. This gives you depth of flavour also. As you drink it you can feel the heat of the climate and have the chill of the air.

I enjoyed this, this is a high quality blended that will be enjoyed by the grain enthusiast. The mouth feel is soft or should I say I feel the softness, again it has notes of a sipping whisky.

This is a whisky that would be part of the mix rather than a whisky you would drink all at once. I can not see myself opening this and finishing a bottle at one go. Therefore I would recommend it for a cocktail or two.

Bastille Whiskey Review:

There is a softness and sweetness to this that gives it a slight depth and length of flavour. It is not unlike a single malt with the flavours of citrus and spices and you can feel it lingering for a while on the tip of your tongue. The orange mix adds plenty of sparkle and the hints of spices on the finish adds a subtle warmth.

Bastille Whiskey Review:

This is a malt/grain blended, therefore it is perfect for enjoying over ice, sipping at 45 minutes, so you can add a little water if you wish and enjoy the experience. The sweetness keeps the ordinary in order. Of course it is a blending of malt and grain. I personally don’t believe that this is made up of malt only, therefore I believe the blending is to add that extra something to the whisky to make it drinkable. This gives it a rich and rounded flavour which is light and gentle, but there is subtlety to it. Excellent quality.

Bastille Whiskey Review:

The nose starts with a period of wood, a grainy almost sweet smell. This adds to the sweet and almost fruity sensation running through the whisky. The sweetness adds a zesty touch to the nose that makes it smell like a fruity orange. However, I would say there are hints of orange, enough to be in there without being overpowering.

This whisky has a smooth and gentle mouth feel and it slightly tingly on the back of the throat. This is a wonderful way to start. There is a salty aftertaste, this is subtle but noticeable and gives a light clatter. This tingle also lasts for a long time and continues into the aftertaste of orange which is watery.

The orange blend is sweet and slightly sparkling with a soft aftertaste which also changes to raisins and apples which gives the finish some subtlety.

Bastille Whiskey Review:

This is a whisky with a blend of malt and grain to give it that extra touch to make it drinkable. It is smooth and light taking the ordinary down a notch or two on the strength scale which is a good thing. Furthermore, the blend of grain is to give it that extra layer to make it drinkable and enjoyable.

Bastille Whisky is a blend of malt and grain which makes it refreshing and an excellent thirst quencher. This is a blending of creativity which makes it good for a cocktail. With a subtlety to each sip you might even be thinking about trying it on the rocks.


The blended whisky is sweet and gentle with no harshness and a sparkle which creates a gentle sparkle, watery, some zest and enhances the orange notes.

Written by Mark Adams


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